surfboard design book

Whats up everyone. I read through this site every once in a while and find it very interesting. Seems like everyone knows their stuff real good and have much to offer. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a book or something that explains the basic shaping elements. I’m not interested so much in the actual making of a board, but how the different elements of a board affect the ride. Stuff like rocker, concave, fin placement, rails… Also, just interested in modern shortboard design, specifically the flatter, wider boards geared for airs. I know if there is a good book it will probably be more of a general board design, but that will still help me to get the basics down on how each part works with the others. Thanks, Rob.

try looking up “Essentials of Surfing” on amazon or you might be able to find a link of swaylocks. i read this book before and it seemed pretty good.

Yeah-but I think the book is called"Essential Surfing"aptly named

rob- you’ll have to fork over a 20 for it- inside, you can read up on long or short boards(though i dont believe they touch on boards designed specifically for airs)- nonetheless, an interesting read with skip frye and steve seebold as contributors. and bill hamilton is featured, as well as a host of other characters. if you are after learning how all the elements come together in respect to design, this book details the process… hope that helps u. shaper out-

Hi there, I read the old version ( the blue one ) from a friend of mine. I think it’s for those who have no idea how a board is built. If you look for board design, it would not help much. Hope that the new version could cover more in this topic. Regards, Crabie

Cool, thanks for the suggestions. I’m gonna go to barnes & noble today and see if they have any of those, if not I guess I’ll order them.

I ran across a copy of the new surf “book” (really its more like a magazine) published by transmedia and found it to be…strange. There are some interesting articles, nice photos, but I found the text to be not terribly helpful (and often it seems like it’s been translated from Japanese into English). There is also a section on panning gold as a hobby (what the heck is THAT doing in a surfing book?), some “how to surf” advice, info on sailboards, and some other things that struck me as odd. I.e. not a complete waste of money but not a gold mine of info either…

Reading this book before getting into the Swaylock’s, it could be much helpful. Regards, Crabie

yo keith- i felt the same way about some of the content - maybe the authors were trying to subliminally suggest makin boards is like panning for gold- you never gonna get rich…but the passion that drives us internally is our best reward[wink] shaper out-