Surfboard Design trends for 2010

lol atomized, serious props if that is you


That vid was awesome- sort of reminds me of how surfing has come along- you try one thing if it doesnt work try another

I wonder if they've thought up fancy model names for all those ''boards''.

I think the guitar case would have worked better turned around, then it would resemble the Meyerhoffer.

The table scared me.

The suitcase is the solution to all travel board worries. You gotta take a suitcase anyway, now just skip the boards and surf the Samsonite. (see, cool model name already!)


From 2010 on, surfboards will be mathematically designed, built in a lab, and tested in a simulator. Any other way will be looked down on with scorn by the intellectual giants who have that little piece of paper that helps them get on their high horses.

haha. i thought the coffee table was trimming pretty well. might be a bit hard to paddle in though!

i'm noticing boxy shapes with super hard rails.   now we have something to do with all that random junk in the garage.  hoooooray!

can you surf EVERYTHING?


lol that would be a long movie

…and I would watch the whole thing =] Its outside the box

loved the video. those guys are having a blast...

question: haven't we seen some of this footage before? the part with the snow sled looks kinda familiar.?

please dont surf next to me on your sled or coffee table. 


Three generations of board builders doing things pretty much the same way.

If it aint broke…

But they break all the time. Maybe Kelly Slater is onto something by surfing coffee tables.  They look more durable. 

Just kidding NJ. The post was intended to be humourous , just like the video. I don’t really think you can compare Machado’s guitar case shore break barrels with his tuberiding at Pipeline.  

nice way to lose an eye...i can just hear the conversation now

what were you doing? 

oh just towing in on an upside down coffee table...thought my losing an eye story would be better than jack o neills

I’d love to see those boys’ take on these,



way shorter

way longer

way cheaper

no fins

weirder fins

in then end

nothing ever really new 

if you do the research

trends suck...   thats if a trend is what is 'in' at the time and alot are following whats is in coz it is 'in' and not because thats what they want to ride at the time for their own joy and beacause it is what they believe is the most fun for them at that time in their surfing...Thats sounds like a load of crap...farrkk it , ride what you want, if you wanna follow trends than go for it.....some trends start off as design innovations then sheep jump on the band wagon and then the trend becomes cool, then it sux, cool sux when you have to try, cool is cool when you are you and dont try...faarkkk, what a rant, sorry

did you miss the humour? maybe I should have posted a warning…



Surfcraft named after flightless antarctic waterfowl. They're hip, they're cool, they're what everybody will be riding.

I mean, duude, they're so gnarly. Like, the pectoral fins are just, duude, gnarly, duude. You, maaan, duuude, you gotta have one-

Plus, you'll be driving to the beach in one of these gnarly machines

Like, duuude, its totally tubular...

None of the above are covered with wool...though they'd sell better if they were. The surfboard buying public are sheep, and best to make 'em feel at home. In the late '60s and '70s the industry had the latest greatest new must-have thing every year...and ya know, one out of three wasn't really all that bad, but for the most part they were cr@p.

What, me, cynical?