Surfboard Design Workshop # 2 RESERVATIONS

The Surfboard Design Workshop #2, at the Surfing Heritage foundation, JUNE 7, 2008, is scheduled for a 9:30 am to 3:00 pm time slot. Reservations can be arranged by contacting,, or call LINDA @ (949) 388-0313. The cost this year is $ 45 dollars, and includes the Pizza lunch, and one of the raffle tickets. Other raffle tickets will be available for purchase. The raffle items are still coming in, and will include at least six blanks, one of which is an SUP blank from SEGWAY. (Thank you, Ken) ProBox Larry has donated four Quad Kits with fins and boxes. (Belick fins) There will be other building materials also in the raffle. The ‘‘Guest Master Shaper’’, that will also be speaking, is well known to many here on Swaylocks. Very generously, and graciously, Mr. JIM PHILLIPS has agreed to share his years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom, with those in attendance. I think there is a very good ‘‘bang for the buck’’ this year. I hope you will agree.

Great stuff! Signed up and can’t wait.

Im in

Aloha Bill:

I would also like to donate a couple of sets of Hanalei Fins quad sets and single fins to the raffle. Do you need them to be shipped to you ahead of the event or can I bring them when I attend?

I’m all registered and looking forward to the event!



By all means, bring them along. Really nice to have you aboard. And thank you, for your donation to the cause.

Hi Bill -

Thank you for setting up another workshop! Please add me to the list as well as one more blank for the raffle.

I really would like to come… but that is right before my finals. Depending on some due dates i might be able to make it, what is the latest registration that is acceptable? I might not know until last minute. Thanks!

I really want to come, but it is the same day as my friends 30th b-day. Hopefully I will know if I can make it soon…

You can call as late as the day before the event. Sooner, if you can. It helps SHF in ordering drinks, chairs, food.

id love to come, but i dont know where the SHF is (as in what city). i am up in san francisco and dont know so cal at all but the event sounds great. can anyone enlighten me?


Top of this thread, They are located in San Clemente, Ca. The historic surfboards alone, are worth making the trip to see them. I hope the Workshop #2 can be the ‘‘iceing on the cake.’’ I think their site even provides a map to get to them. Hope you can make it to the event.

Count me in FOR SURE!

id love to come, but i dont know where the SHF is (as in what city). i am up in san francisco and dont know so cal at all but the event sounds great. can anyone enlighten me? You owe yourself a visit to the SHF. The closest description I can come up with is “Smithsonian of Surfing”.

Dick Metz was in charge of the business end of Hobie. Over the years he took old boards in trade for new ones, found boards in people’s rafters, and did some dumpster diving to come up with decorations for the Hobie stores. Years later, the boards are all collectable and he’s got hundreds of them. Dick started SHF to preserve the history of surfing. He and his friends ARE the history of surfing. They pooled their resources to build a foundation that will outlive all of us and act as the repository for our religion’s most precious artifacts. They even have Dale Velzy’s shaping room set up to mow balsa.

Bill’s event is one of many cool things they do there. They’ve also got events coming up around the photography of Jeff Devine, Tom Servais, and Art Brewer, and an evening with ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimibukura.

I was just there today. They were all talking about how great Bill’s events are, and how they’re looking forward to the next one.


  Its in San Clemente south orange county . I am in San Bruno and am going to fly down sat  at 8 am from san jose and fly back at 7 pm sat nite  . one day one shot . Let me know if you are interested in flying down on the same flight . cell 415-509-1128 i think i met you at linda mar before 

                       James Tabusa

Hey James… Unfortunately I can’t make it down then. I’m in San Clemente now, flying back to SF tomorrow, and driving back down again next week.

I’m signed up!

I would like to come but Jim Phillips got me addicted to building boards in 1964.I could have done great things…maybe become a General or something.Instead I built boards and surfed and played around for 20 years.I am currently in a surfboard addiction rehab program and if I see him I may relapse into a foam and resin frenzy. Brucker

Howdy Mr. Clean -

sorry you couldn’t come out…here’s two guys named Jim, I think you know both of them…