Surfboard Design Workshop (San Diego)

I'm putting my finger in the wind, to see if there is any interest in a design workshop in early October.   I'm in the early stages of negotiating a location that can accomodate 20 to 30 attendees.    Might be able to do it in the late afternoon/evening.    Say, 3pm to 9pm, with a pizza break in between.   Looking for ideas/responses.     As in the past, discussions will be driven by your questions.    All topics are fair game.     I suggest you bring a clipboard, paper, pencil, and calculator.    I'll share some design ''secrets'' and principles.  Cost?   Don't know yet, but expect around $50.   Your thoughts?

I'm interested

I'd be there if it weren't so far away. Nice offer though.

Sorry Mr T.

Bill , This just might be the exquse I need to fly to San Diego and catch up with some old friends in north county

can lurkers come?!

sounds like a good idea to me ill be there

I’m interested!  you can put me down.  should be working on board #2 by then.

Sean B

Bill, let me know about the work shop ! I wanna get even with the guy who invented PJ sandwiches ! Man I hate PJ sandwiches !!! Better cover your back , Im comen for ya Bill !!!!

You shoulda seen what I did to my 3rd grade teacher that made me eat the rice pudding ! Man I barfed all over her !!!!

Well, having put my finger in the wind, it camed back frozen! Perhaps next year, if there is enough interest. My thanks to those who responded.

Don’t give up so easily Bill…    Hold that finger out there a little longer…

I only wish I didn’t live 3000 miles away, I’d be there in a heartbeat!!.. I know next to nothing about conventional surfboard building, it would be a blast!!

Question, If you’re only looking for a room for 20 to 30 attendees… I’m sure there’s enough here that would fill that room in October…

Build it… They will come…

Edit:   That’s a cheap   $50 bucks boys…Money well spent…Hell,   I’d pay $25  just to meet Bill…")


Sorry, I just came across your post.  Definitely interested, but looks like it’s not going to happen.  Hopefully you’ll try again in the future because I’d love to attend.