surfboard paint

im making my first surfboard and was wondering what paint type of paint i can use? can i use latex paint or acrylic latex? is it better to put it on the hot coat or on the foam?


You can use acrylic paints from any art supply store. Paint it on the foam for best results. Not too thick. You can paint it on the sanded hotcoat, but it won’t be as durable and it can be scraped off from wear and tear.Tape off your stringer. Have fun. Mike

thanks a lot this helped me out so much

Nolimit, A little more info on paint: If you use acrylic, you’ll get best results with FLAT, WATER-BASED acrylic paint. If you use acrylic lacquer, it will almost always be somewhat glossy. That’s bad. The resin will freak out when it hits the shine of the paint.

I’ve heard of people using latex paint, but I’ve never tried it. I use artist acrylic paints. (Paste consistancy) I thin it then spray. Liquitex is a good brand. Doug