Surfboard rentals in Peru?

Going to Peru in April and want to surf while there. Any body know about surfboard rentals in Peru (near Lima). thanks --4est

Surfed Peru 2 years ago. Stay away from Lima .Its very dangerous.Stay in MiraFlores. Is much safer and there is a few shops there.You should bring your own board.Alot of crappy boards down there.

peru is cool. miraflores is in lima. not particularly unsafe, just like any huge city, keep your eyes open. contact wayo whilar he can make you a stick for roughly $275 u.s. and a quality product. go to his brother milton made me one a couple years ago when i found out continental wouldn’t let me take my boards with me. i called him up and had a stick waiting when i arrived. i would recommend him, but can’t recall how to contact him.

If you rent a car keep a 10 sole bill in the glovebox under the registration and rental papers. When stopped and asked for registration hand the cop the whole pile with the bill on bottom. This is a tip you dont want to learn the hard way. Get out of lima ASAP, crime is rampant even in the miraflores ares (where every home has armend guards). Not many surf shops in Peru, even in Lima and, yes, lots of crap equipment. Also be prepared for a very different experience when surfing in a crowd - there are no rules, just like on the road. At La Isla its not uncommon to see 5 guys take of on the same wave and all of them will be slapping the lip like slater clones with death wishes. PS. bring bigger boards. The surf is rarely small and has a lots more juice than california surf. Have fun!

Hey 4est, I spent a couple weeks down in Punta Hermosa (1 hour south of Lima)at Pico Alto surf camp. Got plenty of good surf, Punta Rocas was always working. Good set up there, room, food and rides to the breaks tht aren’t within walking distance.(they also have some board renrtals) Oscar Morante and his crew took good care of me. Allen is right on about Wayo Whilar, probably one of the better shapers, went to his shop a couple times, Oscar gets boards from him. I’d recommend touching base with him. email for Oscar: His english isn’t great, but the guys at the camp Pulpo, Ernesto and Jovanna can speak it pretty well Have fun JN

thanks for the input, keep it coming. we are starting to make our surfing arrangements now. Thinking about staying at Just got airfare last night (mileage baby, got to love it) I’m a longboarder, any thoughts on that would be great as well. (need a funboard? don’t have one, but might get one…)

Does Pico Alto have several good breaks within walking distance? I’m a longboarder. Not looking for big waves, just some mid-height 4-10’ and hopefully some hollow waves as well. Not planning to rent a car and will be by myself. thanks for the input --4est

From Pico Alto Surf Camp there are about 4-5 places you can walk to surf . Senoritas a left point and Cabelleros a right point a little mushier than Senoritas, Oscar point which is an OK spot not many people surf. Pico Alto if it is breaking (and you are up to it!!!) also Playa Norte which is dicey if there is not enough swell because of the rocks. I found that I usually liked going to Punta Rocas a reef that has good rights and some lefts (although they can leave you in a bad spot) but that is too far to walk. Penescal is supposed to be a great wave, I didn’t get a chance to check it out. If you stay with Antonio at camp penescal, lease let me know what you think of that place. Some of the waves are not really suited to longboards although I did see a few while I was there. Most of the spots are very rocky (bring booties or reef booties), the paddles are long like Mike mentioned earlier, longer boards help. Hope that helps, have fun. JN

Jim, I’ll give you a report when I get back. thanks --4est