Surfboard shape feedback

I’m pretty new to Swaylocks and surfboard shaping in general. I have hand shaped a fish, but recently started tinkering with Shape 3d since it appeals to my sense of precision. I wanted to get see if I could get some feedback on a design that I’ve been playing around with before sending it out to get cut. What’s the best way of doing it?

As for me, I’m probably a mediocre surfer, nothing special, and I surf in SoCal. Usually South Bay and HB with an occasional trip out to Trestles. And the board that I’m trying build is mainly for “better” waves, probably in the 3 to 6+ foot range. Anything smaller, and I’ll just stick with my fish, which is pretty much most days.

So, what IS the question?

Is it possible to get some feedback on shape that I’m working with Shape3D? What’s the best way? Attaching a the file or doing a series of screenshots? If possible, I’d like to get some feedback from someone more experienced before going trhough the expense of cutting, finishing and glassing.

Screengrabs work well since we don’t have to download anything to look at them.    

Here’s what I’m looking at trying out.



That’s a standard HPSB layout.    Every CNC shop probably has at least a half dozen generic files on hand which will cut this board.    

Correct.  Exactly.

A piece of wire used as a rail gauge might be a tip if you want the same rails as your hand shaped board. Just blow up on screen to match.

Good tip by Dean.  Pay attention.