surfboard survey for my master thesis

Dear all,

for my master thesis I developed this online-survey about surfboards.

Please follow the link and fill out the form:

And you will have the chance to win an Amazon Gift Coupon (50 eur).

Thanks for your help


I would have liked to, but on second page, the “dimensions of your surfboard” column is bugging. You can’t enter length because of over-written stuff and, if you don’t, it says you didn’t…

Let me know when this has been fixed.


thanks for your reply, but which browser do you use?

we tried it with internet explorer 7 and mozilla firefox 2. there should be no problem.



What I like to change is more nose rocker.

But that option doesn’t exist.

thicker and narrower is also missing.

And I have more than one board ;). I filled in the board I’ve used the most last year, but broke it recently.

O.K. I filled out the form. There are a few flaws in your survey.

It asks for location twice - unnecessary.

Also - and this was my biggest qualm - there was a question that asked if your current board is too fast, too slow, or perfect for the waves you usually ride. I answered - perfect. Then, there was a question that asked what you would change to make it go better. It gave three or four really general options like go longer, wider, or thinner. This section needs many more options including an option to change nothing, which would have been my answer.


thanks for your feedback!

i will change it as soon as possible!




thanks for your reply, but which browser do you use?

we tried it with internet explorer 7 and mozilla firefox 2. there should be no problem.



I use Mozilla Firefox. Gonna try again.

It’s still the same: on page 2, the part that says “Those dims are written on the bottom of your board, etc…” covers the first box where I’m supposed to enter the length. So, no length can be written in this box…

the $50 gift certificate idea is good.

couldnt get beyond my surfboards dimension page …board length.

Didnt know where the survey was going but it seems less masterful than Masters level.

I would take it that your not a widely experienced surfer or from a country without good year round surf.

'What surf size do you normally ride?

answers should be ranged properly.

and poised as what range best fits what you normally will ride.






These should roughly correlate to years exp., age and board length.

With probably a decreasing surf size ridden for people > 55 years or so.

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I was able to complete your questionary, but its not very indepth. there’s a lot of extra stuff you could be asking.

there are a lots of factors that make up a wave type than size alone. infact size is one of the last thinks I think about when planning a surf and deciding which board(s) to take.

The main problem I had with it is you can only complet it for 1 board.

I am lucky enough to have a whole quiver of boards for different conditions, ranging from long to short and you can only complete the ?aire for once.

When doing a master thesis I assume you must have a section on developing the survey and why it is accurate. The responsess here can be incorporated into that section. The survery is geared more towards begineers, I assume everyone on swaylocks owns more than one board. I do not know if English is your 1st language, or if there is surf near your university. Kind of frustrating filling out the survey. I own 6 boards but really only surf 3, maybe 4 of them on a regular basiis so if you have a question as to how many boards you own, the question should also be how many have you surfed in the last 6 months. Same thing is true in the size of the waves you surf, depends on the swell but I no longer go out when it gets real big, but I still go out in waves with some size. Do not even want to get into measuring waves. How often you go is probably a better predictor. I can’t see how this is going to be real useful, but if it can bet you a degree, great. If this is for marketing, I am not sure Swaylocks is an appropriate target market.