Surfboard Templates

so once you get a board to image, apply your changes and save as a pdf Kinkos can take that and print fullsize your outline and rocker? From this?

Copying can lead to improving the template you are copying. It can be just a starting point that leads to innovation.

The bottom line is that it’s not illegal. So it’s a morality issue.

Everyone decides for themselves!

P.S. Those that are putting down LeeDD need to re-read his posts without getting so sensitive. You might not like his personality, but his knowledge speaks for itself. Respect is deserved for the guys that have been around. Nothing can substitute for the many years of experience that they bring to the table.

what im saying is you can approach any work in two ways

one way is with an artistic and creative spirit

the other way its a chore/repetitive and mundane

or in other words “a boring job”

i approach any artwork or craft with same attention to detail and creative spirit

i consider myself and artist not a shaper or a jeweller or whatever

ive carved life sized human figures in timber and built guitars/musical instrument and 20,000 k pieces of jewellery

making boards is just one aspect of how i express myself creatively

copping is part of the learning process and all great artist learnt their tecniques by copying and further developing

what they learned from there peers

if a “master shaper” only knows how to shape a piece of foam into a surfboard shape

they are hardly a master shaper in my mind

modellers that build movie set out of polystyrene(like in lord of the rings)

have more creativity in their little finger then a guy that can just(only)make a surfboard shape.

if people have a problem with there designs being copied

its ego and money, that is the issue

a truly inspired and creative person would only be flattered, and in fact

do what they can to share there knowledge and expand awareness of there peers

which is why we have


hmm, dont see any big companies posting there production secrets here

just groovers and small factories and hip backyarders

its important to keep things in perspective

So we all agree then that ideas that work will be used, unenforceable patents, claims or philosophical handwringing notwithstanding. Go to the website and see what else is patented, speaking of… search “surfboard”+“kozminski”

Yeah 4fins, you can e-mail them the PDF actually and tell them you just

want half the outline template printed at whatever length from tip to

tip, and it’s up to them to format it so it comes out at 6’2" or



Hey. here’s a couple of templates for this thread. They’re just the sketches I make to decide if I want to go ahead and make the luan real thing. They were for my fun gun. I tried one with the wide point forward, one double ender, an 8-6 and a 9-0. I finally went to 8-0 to accomodate plywood and just aesthetically prefer a modern shape to the the wide point forward or double ender.

Just one question for LeeDD- why don’t you shape anymore? You seemed interested enough to be logging on to this site often enough.

See, your template is flowing, beautiful, porportional, and you didn’t need a computer and a copy of someone else’s stuff.

You did the homework, drew some outlines, worked out the kinks, applied your eye and knowledge of surfing, and VOILE’…you got yourself your own sweet template.

My response was just to the fact the original was just a search engine request without any attempt to make a template from scratch. Kinda a shortcut to hopefully…fame.

I shaped until I was outta my house, and a looming motocross career. Took 7 years to find out I couldn’t quite support myself racing, went back to working at the shop I shaped for, rediscovered surfing 7 days a week, saw the production end coming onto the scene with all the machine shapers, got into windsurfing and the custom production end of epoxy/styro production, and headed more towards consulting than the actual production.

Kinda fun to enjoy the equipement after making and modifying for years.