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Calling all Shapers....
I hope things are good with you, its been a busy few months for SBT, we have tweaked our systems, made a few improvements with real neat features to help improve the license and brand protection side of things for you guys.
The improvements will especially help those using overseas shapers, glassers giving you greater control when you not around.
We've changed our board decal logo and added a brand new sticker to place on your board when they are ready to go for the shop. See the attached. 
You may want to consider SBT for your 2010 models.
SBT is fully committed to differentiating hand crafted boards from mass produced boards. This is supported by our on running campaign "Supporting Local Shapers". 
Several more shapers joined up with SBT over the summer months most recent,  Larry "Rubberman" Bertlemann and LB Boards Hawaii, DK surfboards (Daniel Keggy SA) shaping in Newquay England, Keahana Europe, Nigel Semmens Newquay, Dandee surfboard Holland,  and El Solar, France with more in the pipe line.  Welcome aboard guys we are pleased to be working with you.
Larry B will be helping us promote SBT across the Hawaiian Islands by using SBT for all his shapes, via his own workshops, Rebel Boards,California and Santa Cruz, USA.
Daniel Keggy has been producing some great things in Newquay UK, and seems to be swallowing up the whole competition board scene with his shapes.
Ben Skinner has been on fire this year  in the ISA surfing Games and the WLT, with his board riding Ben is currently managing his license with Lufi Longboards via SBT plus his own Skindogs.
Thomas from Keahana is currently out on an European tour with his 150 Keahana boards shaped by Christian Budroe - Christian Surfboards Hawaii, each board contains the SBT system to help protect Keahana, and Christian plus add value to their customers.
Did you here about CJ Hobgood boards going astray in France recently, he had his entire quiver stolen from his garage. Reported here on Magicseaweed,
Local Motion, Australia are in full blast with the system for their overseas models and their higher range shapes in NSW.
SBT is in current discussions with ISAF and the Windsurfing RSX  Class in preparation for future world championships and 2012. SBT is hoping to provide SBT the class hardware to help traceabilty of hardware and to make sure all competitors are competing on an even keel.
If you would like to be apart of SBT or just need to know a bit more please contact us on our contact page on the website :