Surfboards Haleiwa

A friend of mine found this at a garage sale (in Texas!). 84 clams. Its 8’6". The hole is for a leash string, which he’s been told probably puts it at '73-74 because by '75 they might have put a plug in. A Lightning Bolt clone/competitor.

all better :slight_smile:

That could be a hidden jem. Diffenderfer was shaping some great North Shore boards during those times for SH, I had some from him during about that time with the same logo. I wish I still had 'em. Timeless.

 Howzit Tubedog, Diff was living on Kauai in 73/74 and moved to Oahu in either late 74 or early 75. He left after his house strangely burnt down after Diff and Danny Durone were given an eviction notice, Aloha,Kokua

got a ten ooter in the archives with a spongy fin in need of repair.

wouldnt sell it for less than 300.00

and its not rideable in the present condition.

good score on the pice dont think it isnt worth much!

one of those ''responsibility ‘’ boards.

is it a diff?