SurfBurger footage ....

hi Bert !

I was just wondering if you have any footage of you and your teamriders riding your boards on the gold coast’s [and other ?] waves , please ?

I was wondering because…if the footage was in slow motion [or normal speed , able to be slowed down ] , if we would then be able to have a clearer look at how the boards perform and flex on a wave ?

cheers !


Heres a bump, because I think that this is something all of sways would love to see…I know I am curious.


anything other than people jumping on throwing or punching boards would be nice.

Like to see them in action…

waterflow off the rail (probably none if it’s efficient)

flex in the hook

etc etc

yup that would nice…

Yeah C’mon Bert, you must have a video camera somewhere, I want to see your regular surfs at your local, and please can we see some of that footage which you have of the early days in WA when your family discovered some of the breaks over there ?

And don’t forget your GPS speed readings please ( Deleted)



waterflow off the rail (probably none if it’s efficient)

Werd ! ( or minimal fans anyway ) :wink:

Thick, water displacing rooster tails, not splishy splashy stuff. I’m sure that’s what a few of us want to see.

As far as seeing the boards flex in motion, it would be great. But I have a feeling you would need high quality close-up slow-mo to really see what’s going on. If a board flexes enough that you can see it in normal view, or even normal slo-mo, I imagine it would be a dog to ride.

I just want to see what’s actually happening !

Come on Bert !

C’mon Bert. Sack up dude!!! Just kidding my friend. But Im with everyone else, would love to see…

I’ve seen a short film one of Bert’s sponnos put together… It is pretty epic. The aerial 360’s & reverses on a Mal. Its all real. Guy named Justin Redman. I had read Bert’s claims, heard them from his mouth, then saw it for myself.

I doubt the upload limit on sways would take the whole video.

So, patience you lot…


all i could think of was some frame grabs , but i dont have dvd player on my computer …

so couldnt figure anything …

have got heaps of other footage , but dont know how to get it on my computer ??



Bert, post Chip a copy of the Redman DVD!

yes , please …I’ll pay you for it, if you like !

[and maybe professor Lavz could work out a way to get it , [or bits of it ?] up on the forum , like he did with the stuff of hicksy’s board being made …??]

cheers !


Hey Bert,

What you need to do is to resize and compress the video so that it would be easy to stream. There’s a lot of easy ways you could accomplish this. If you’re interested in some help let me know. I have some decent video editing software and could give you a hand (I could host it on my website until I ran out of bandwidth)

If Chipper gets stuck I can help out. I am, uh… Not inexperienced at DVD->AVI, etc conversions :slight_smile:


send me a copy and ill break it up into downloadable segments and stick it on the net

Dood, if its on VHS, betamax, or tape based that you need a player to plug into a TV, you can use a pC with a TV tuner to record that to digital and boom. They got plenty of hackers in Australia.

38mm man you can take it to Bollywood, run it into conversion to a DVD, laserdisc or VHS or betamax.

If its on DVD use something like alcohol 120 or something to strip it, rip it, into avi and make it divx for smallness.

If its on CD you can use a converter . . .

you could put it on megaupload or rapid share

Yeah I wanna see too!!! Then we can all order berts surfboards and become the next Barry Sanders.

Seriously speedneedle’s comments have lead me to conclude this is worth seeing.

google video file hosting and you get bunch of them … .

man , how GOOD is it the expertise here ?!!!

looks like it could be a “happener” ! woohooo !!


…one day , I hope to learn all the “tricky” stuff , like copying my videos to dvd and being able to post stuff on the net [without hopefully blowing out bandwidth limits or whatever the correct term is ]

cheers !


will see if someone has burn facilities and make a few copies and get em to crew who can do something with it …

it was my intention to send a few copies to other surfing related companies and see if we could get J.R. some sponsorship , get him out of obscurity and let the world see what he can do …

theres another short length , shortboard dvd floating around as well , will get that to chipper as well …



If someone did get a disc to me I should be able to have a high and low bandwidth AVI, MPG, whatever ready a few days after receipt.

Easy enough to post CDs of those to wherever or email to whoever, as Bert chooses to specify.

Chip: Capture cards/cabels are pretty cheap (@$100AU). Then you can capture straight to WMV, AVI, etc. Make sure your VCR is decent quality, tho.