SurfCAD & Digital Surf Designs?

Anyone know where to get more information on the SurfCAD design system and the DSD shaping machine. There is a lot of reference in the media to these systems but never any information on where to contact the manufacturer to get more information. A website would be great!


write to Renaud Cardinal at Uwl Surfboards

he is the best guy around and i am sure he will answer a few questions.

When you find something, let me know. I have been looking also.

Renaud Cardinal is now using a new gen of shaping machine: KMS french one! Cocorico…

The machine is 3 axis brushless servo control system (less problem to maintain than with linear bearings or ball screws) and allows to scan with laser process your master board ( with only 3 minutes, your file is ready for shaping).

I’m currently using it at surfoam blanks factory (Hossegor-France), and can give you more details if you’re interested:

you can contact GCS here at swaylocks…

peter he is a great mate he can help you

[=1]As part of the work here at the University of Wales Swansea, we are developing Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools for fins and surfboards, demos of which can be downloaded from our website ([ 3][/]). These have the obvious advantage over commercial CAD packages in that they have been specific created for the design of fins and surfboards and hence do not require such a steep learning curve. DAT98 has been around for a while and we are working on a new version which will also incorporate capabilities of designing complex bottom surfaces such as concaves and channels for the boards.[/]

Other aspects of the work were presented at the 4th International Surfing Reef Symposium, Natural and Artificial Surfing Reefs, Surf Science and Coastal Management held at Manhattan Beach, California on January 12-14, 2005, and was highlighted in a recent article reviewing the symposium at ( Part of the work demonstrated that for double-foiled fins (e.g. middle fins), glassed on fins produced less drag than boxed fins which did not have a fillet. However, the argument was not cut and dry as this was not the case for the outer fins.

The fin CAD tool is almost ready for release.

We have a website ( from which the actual paper can be downloaded, and my e-mail is ( if anyone wants to correspond directly with us regarding any of this work.

Hand Shaper, I see you are on Kauai , you need to contact Eric Arakawa in Oahu he is the local licensee. 808 637 0068 . I think the program is cheap now. Petey

Great! Thanks for the information I’ll give Eric a call.


If you wish to take some lessons on the program (there are a series of “ins”) let me know if you come to oahu . There are lots of tricks w/the program/ Eric was in no rush to show ne much …Aloha Petey p.s. it cost about $100.00 bucks to fill a small container of cut blanks to Kauai. I personally think that Kauai would be to small to have a machine.

Aloha Petey:

I’m curious how one gets the software to do the designs, is there a website that one can go to that has information and requirements for the software, or do you only get the software if you get a machine.

Someone is actually bringing a shaping machine to Kauai, I think it is one of the APS3000 machines from Australia. Well see if they can get enough business to sustain it on the island, I tend to agree with you that it might be a bit of a stretch to support a machine on the island.

Mahalo for the information, and when next I get to Oahu I might give you a call so that you can give me a little tutorial on the software.


Hi Robin, The software is available through Eric. You do not have to own a machine. It is not available online (or at least im not aware of it ) maybe someone has put it on Limewire? It actually comes with a Disc , and security chip that attaches to the printer port. I guess the word gets out the guys w/machines whether you are a licensee to the program , so you would not be able to cut if you somehow poached the program . I have had some nice results lately w/surfcad . I like the aspect that I can create an infinite amount of designs ,each individually designed and fitted to the surfer. I have yet to see what the asp3000 can do but I would like to try it . Good to meet you . Petey

Hi HPeteyand Shaper, I found out the latest version of surfcad is 1500.00 bucks.


We’ll have a machine coming to Oahu pretty soon. Feel free to email me in the next month or so and we’d be happy to let you try out the system. We’re still working out the logistics with shipping company for the Hawaii machines.

Software is free so you can download that and play.



Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the info and yes I have heard of rumors that the aps 3000 was coming towards Oahu. I have also tried the program but do not know the "ins " . I am not yet able to compare / constructivly critique the aps 3000. If any one wishes to contibute to this thred it would be much appreciated . Petey

Hi hand-shaper

The DSD surfboard shape machine from Luciano Leão, a brazilian shaper, used by shapers like Rusty Preisendorfer, Jeff Bushman, Pat Rawson, Eric Arakawa, Matt Biolos, Ricardo Martins and many others. The Luciano’s program permits you to create a design and save it for you, to repeat your magic board many times you wants. You can obtain information about to buy the software and address of this type machines in the world, in his website: .


Mahalo for the info!

I will contact them directly to get more information.


I’m interested if there is a APS3000 in the San Diego area. The software is pretty nice. (Nice use of Java Technology.) Any info would be great.



We’ll have a machine coming to Oahu pretty soon. Feel free to email me in the next month or so and we’d be happy to let you try out the system. We’re still working out the logistics with shipping company for the Hawaii machines.

Software is free so you can download that and play.



I Build this machine with my father, Im testing with boarcad  but Im having problem with z axis configuration if anyone can help ???