Surfer going Bankrupt?

What does Michael Jackson have to do with Surfer going bankrupt? I think it’s pretty f’d up to diss on the king of pop at this time, not to mention Surfer mag.

Is it bollocks or for real?

**Source Interlink , parent company of Surfer, Surfing, Snowboarder and
72 other mags declared bankruptcy. They killed their common stock,
brought 18 creditors down with them, and forced lenders to cancel 1
billion in debt. The CEO had this to say… “We couldn’t be more
pleased”. Hopefully none of the bros we knows have taken a hit on this.

There in a chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Most likely there will be a sell off and it’s won’t die?

We did lose Clark, Longboarder Magazine, Just Foam, Eco-Tech and Walker.

Maybe Trans World will be the only one left?



That would be domestically speaking of course. If you look in your browser you can find coutless surfing magazines all over the globe…some of them pretty good too.

On another thread about Surfer Magazine, it seems a lot of peole are not too keen on the present day mag. The old Surfer Mag’s were so great. But that was back in the day when Drew Kampion and some other gifted writers were contributing. Things are just too commercial these days for my taste.