** surfer / shaper ? ....or, shaper / surfer ? ***

A questionnaire : -

  1. how much time do you spend surfing vs shaping , on average…per day/ week /month / year, whatever ?

    …which do you prefer ?

  2. do you glass your boards yourself ?

  3. boards - mainly made for others, or for you ?

  4. how many boards , on average, would you make in a year …

a) - for yourself ?

b) - for others ?

  1. how long , on average, would you keep the boards you make yourself ?

  2. today’s “pro surfers” - are there ANY surfers on the W.Q.S or W.C.T. world tour riding self-shaped and glassed boards any more ?

[bonus 3 point question… name 5 surfer / shapers [? shaper / surfers ?] since the early seventies , say, who rode their own boards in contests ?]


I’ll play even though I’m only on my first board, I’m old enough to get the Bonus question, LOL.

1-Way more surfing, shaping is for flat spells.

2-No, but plan to.

3-Will be for me and close friends.

4-3 to 4

(a) 2

(b) 2


6-Don’t know.

7-Reno Abellira

Ben Aipa

Gerry Lopez

Mark Richards

Simon Anderson

I would consider myself a surfer that shapes his own boards.

  1. Surfing. Shaping takes up hardly any of my time. I do spend a bit of time thinking of what I’d like to shape next.

  2. No, I send them out.

  3. I shape mainly for myself, but have shaped a couple for friends who have been happy with them.

  4. a. one or two b. one

  5. I’ve kept all the boards that ride good, which date back to the late 80s when I started shaping.

  6. Don’t know the answer to that one.

  7. Terry Fitzgerald, James Jones, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Michael Peterson, Billy Hamilton, Glen Winton, Peter Townend,

Larry Bertelmann, Jim Banks, Terry Richardson, Greg Loehr.

1.Surfing!!! but shape alot to,

2.Yes, its too dear the other way,

  1. For ME!

  2. As much as possible!,

  3. As long as they last, ala… forever!,

  4. Yes sortof, not really wqs/wct but dillian longbottom shapes his own boards, aswell as Rasta’ with the stretch fishes he makes.


Michael Peterson,

Terry Fitz…

Gerry Lopez

Mark Richards,

Simon Anderson.

  1. Much more time surfing

  2. No, send them away

  3. Only have made one for myself, but a few friends are interested

4.a. 2-3

b. depends i guess

  1. forever

  2. Dont know

  1. Every night for an hour and maybe a bit more on weekends if I get the time. I live 2.5 hours from the closest surf spot. I surf about twice a month and all the time on holidays. I wish I lived closer to the beach but the shaping makes up for it in a way.


3)Mostly for others

  1. 20



5)Till broken or stolen or sell to fun the next board.

6)I wouldnt think so were would they get the time? on the wct

  1. I dont think I cared much about that in the seventies I was a had just started surfing then.

But I think Andersopn and Richards.