Surfer's Journal 25.5, page 87

On the lower right hand corner of page 87, is a photo of David Nuuhiwa (circa 1971) with his colorful board, airbrushed by John Bredin.       What caught my eye, beside John’s artwork, was the red PressLock tri-fins on the board.       That was the tri-fin system that I developed in Oct. 1970, and then started marketing in Feb. 1971.     That system uses no bolts or screws, to hold the fins in the board.     Just thought I’d point out that little piece of surfboard history.

I had a board with that system.  Pretty smart.

Greg, I actually still have a number of sets of those fins, as well as the tools to create the ‘‘box’’ (recess) in the board.      I’m sure I’ll be putting some of them into some boards, in the near future.    

Nice one proneman! Thanks for the photo. 


Pretty sure David claimed to invent those, just before he invented the fish. Lol

I’m sure you are joking, but that sort of thing has happened before.       To my surprise, there has been some interest expressed in putting that system into a contemporary surfboard.      I’m sure I’ll be doing one very soon.      Nice thing about that system, is that it can be put into an existing finished board, quite easily.