Surfers Journal Nihiwatu

Did anyone notice the last surfers journal with the story about Nihiwatu. the guy on the horse in the big picture has a t-shirt with Osama Bin Laden on it. I always wonder about those indo’s cause sometimes they dont know what they have written on their signs,shirts,stickers ect. those shirts are popular with his supporters all through asia. Anyways i hope that resort is putting plenty of money back into the island like they say, what with charging $US 200 per night to stay in the place. Cluade must be hitting the middle class ive got a greg noll 1955 longboard worth $10000 hanging on my wall in the study type of surfer. Thats the thing that eats at me, that elitist bullshit, i know of a few other camps that restrict numbers to 10-12 people in the asia/south pacific region, but they dont shut out the average surfer with excessive pricing. I think old Claude got a small karmic warning to do the right thing with that first earthquake that ruined the place a few years ago. lets hope they dont need another shaking to make them stop being too greedy. I agree with restricting numbers but not by way of pricing people out of the market. Id keep a watch on that bloke with the osama tshirt too claude, with those people targeting western symbols of greed at the moment it could be a bit dicey there soon.