Surfers journal photo

Whenever I see this photo it always trips me out. These guys had some brass balls to make this paddle as well as some of the drops this day!!

thats sweet, is that a new one or from a couple of years ago

damn…that’s just whacky

It looks very cool. If I remember correctly, they mention that the photo is “doctored” in some way to give it that appearance. I believe it’s two separate photos- one of the wave, another of the surfers. Just the idea of the paddle out makes my gems shrink.

yeah, it’s one of them situations due to camera lense or a little doctoring(or both) that make it seem like something it isn’t.i believe that day was about 12’ .the boys said it was a heavy paddle out and wave regardless-4’ , 12’ or 20’ it was work…

Anyone know where I can get The Surfers Journal in OZ. It really is the best (mature) surfers read around.


I want to know too , please…

That also made the cover of “surfing life” in Febuary.

Would TSJ actually do that? For the cover? Run a doctored shot? I’m thinking no. BTW here’s another from the same session. I heard they had no ski, paddled out right from the end of the point in between sets, and this was definately the biggest this spot had ever been surfed.

As I recall it, the cover photo was taken with a fairly long telephoto lens, which kind of compresses things in terms of depth perception. Years ago, before shooting from the water became the best way to get up close and personal, I remember shots of various North Shore breaks – notably Pipeline – that would show blissful folks on the beach, a bit of shorebreak, and then a 15-footer pitching and breaking about 20 feet from shore, or at least that’s how it appeared.

Maybe we just call this an optical illusion.


See the current issue of The Surfers Path Magazine…

“Chile Drops” - Words and Photos by Philip Muller

Punta de Lobos, Chile. Surfers and waves virtually unknown in the surf world, riding some of the largest waves ever paddled into.

…a friend of mine surf this point in Chile…, I saw pict, and its pretty scary…I see the problem is paddle to the line up between sets…

…the waves that my friend surf were not that big, but ones in a stormy surf day about 8 feet…

The actual photographer’s term is “telephoto foreshortening”

mature? I am under 20 and have been reading it for 4-5 years.

yeah, i have that issue, and it says that the waves looks closer than it is.

i miss getting that magazine, damn. here in brazil we have one called ALMA, which is cool. but, not the same. TSJ is the national geographic of surf mags.

In oz we had the Australian Surfers Journal for a while, but it wasn’t viable.

Now, if you want it, it’s best to subscribe and get it to your door.

If you work or live near Sydney CBD you can pick it up at Borders - at $AUD30 a pop tho’, it works out cheaper to subscribe.

why dont you just subscribe… i have been getting it in the mail for years now. where are you in oz? in qld you can get it at beachbeat on the sunny coast, or the longboard stores on the goldy. some of them have a few back issues in stock but the current issue can be hard to get. cheers

so you’re saying you’re not mature???

Hell I’m 59 and I’m not mature. If I were I would not be running around after waves that could kill me.


Maybe we just call this an optical illusion.


Pretty much. The process is called foreshortening and you can look it up online of you want but pretty much the picture was taken froma perspective that caused the waves to look like they do.

I’m not sure about TSJ in OZ, but The Surfers Path is another great magazine (I like it better sometimes) and you guys should be able to get it. I’ve got tons of issues (both TSJ and Surfers Path) collecting dust if some bloke wants to make some use of them.