Surfers rule Australia.

Australia’s Prime Minister and leader of the country Tony Abbott, rides a longboard, and the new Premier ( Govenor) of the best surfing state (NSW) is shortboarder Mike Baird.

 Surfing should be made a pre-requisite to hold public office.

 On ya fellas !!!

Ya, you Aussies got one up on us yanks.

Our boy is a sponger.

I should move.

LOL funny Barry

even the Brits are getting in on the action

although no one actually riding in these pics!

Geoff McCoy made boards for Jimmy Carter and Mr Clnton as state gifts. Don’t know if they were ever used.

The Manly Daily, our crappy local newspaper, is going to have a month long tabloid orgasm since the royals visited ha!!

Hi Marsh, I passed the Royal procession as they headed into Manly on Friday. the beachfront was packed with poms but no one was there to see them visit Bear Cottage up near Manly hospital.

Keep your eyes on that Warringah Council, they’re shifty buggers. They tried to put in 130 units in Freshy Village and that would’ve been terrible for the suburb.

even though he surfs, tony is still a complete embarrassment as a leader of our country.