"Surfing Art by Shapers" show in Seignosse, France.

This was the third edition of that annual show and the first that I attended. A real nice gathering of vintage and new surfboards alike, great vibes from wednesday 09/09 to sunday 09/13. I thought I would do a small report with pictures for those of you who couldn’t be there. Also, there is a short video by my friend Stéphane here:



OK, let’s see what we have in here… Oh yeah, a Duke Kahanamoku board replica by Greg Noll:



On a totally different note, what about this “Batboard” by Axel Lorentz?



Or this ultra-pure glider by Luc Rolland?


Or maybe you’d like to try this Philippe Barland gun in some size at Guéthary?



There was a shaping rack for those who wanted to show the public “how it’s done”. Here, Axel Lorentz:



This is the board I shaped as a demo:



More to come later…






More pics here :



Ooooh la la…!!!..

I got along last week. Was staying in Messanges and went down for the day. some brilliant boards on show. A great combination of old and modern boards.

It was amazing seeing the old V bottom transition era boards, and a crazy Mccoy.

Balsa - you failed to mention your boards on display - the false stringer glider you posted on here was stunning to see, fantastic workmanship on all of them. That quad gun was definitely interesting, is that a personal board? (sorry I didn’t take up your offer to hook up, surf trip so flat day specific)

Hello Tej, too bad we didn’t meet… I was there almost all the time but did go out on some occasions (lunch, and going back to the shop to pick up my own shaping rack: the one that had been installed for demos was swinging back and forth with each planer pass… Also, it was about chest high -I am 6’ tall-…)

The Mc Coy “Lazor Zap” was definitely something to be seen (I had seen some photographs but never the actual board).


Thanks for the kind comments about my boards. The quad was made specifically for the show and it will probably be on sale in my friend Esteban’s shop in Guéthary soon. It had been shaped for a few days but I started glassing it on friday 09/04 and the boards had to be delivered to the show on tuesday 09/08. On the video that I posted, you can see me polishing it on tuesday afternoon, just minutes before hitting the road to Seignosse…


You must have seen my Con “CC rider” V-bottom vintage from '68, then, haven’t you?

That looks like it was a fantastic show!

Greg Noll has always astonished me with his ability to take a gnarly chunk of burl wood with grain going every which way and somehow turn it into a perfectly smooth piece of flow and beauty. 

The riveted aluminum plate board was amazing... I was laughing out loud with admiration.

There was also a Phillippe barland gun that looked nice with a caption about trying it in Guethary with size but I always thought the longboard gun for pictured below was a treat... was it at the show?





Hi John, that board went to Guadalupe with his owner, Philippe. I was recently told that she actually raised a few eyebrows there… And it has been reported to work fine in the waves it was intended to ride.

I’ll shape you one someday, I promise. Just come and pick it up (or have some friend pick it up…)



I’d rather be riding Guethary at the size this board would go in than the other board…!


It sure has much more volume, which would help paddling for your life when those big south-western sets come in… But let’s face it, even if some guys actually can ride a longboard gun in 15 foot waves, a modern gun is probably easier to ride for most people.

Great article! And great photos!!!


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Damnit! I passed there last week.


Had a great surf trip in france last month, I surfed: Le Gurp, Le pin sec, Lacanau, Vieux-boucau and Capbreton.

Going to Messenges tomorrow, for a two week stay! Went last year as well! Lovely place to surf, lots of banter in the water, and all the girls who are paddling out have perpetual smiles on their faces. Although one time the crowd shouted an SUP out of the water for taking 5 sets in a row. Pretty strange, he was buffeled by the crowds reaction. 


    Howzit John,Always wanted to paint a board that looked like it was old metal rusted plates that were coming loose and peeling and the rivets popped. Might still do one but have it glassed by somebody else since I am so over the chemicals. Aloha,Kokua

Since this topic has been “upped”, let me introduce to you this year’s edition of the Surfing Art by Shapers show! I hope some of you Swaylockers can make it: good vibes and heaps of great boards to be seen:

picture no worky…

I'll give it a try


Surfart is like other art forms: much more fun when you’re on top of it than looking at a picture of it.  The Aluminum board looked like a high zinc alloy that would rapidly oxidize.  When you make an Al board, you have to compromise the looks for fewer seams and higher strength.