Surfing Bali

Hey all, I was prompted to put this post up after a comment on an earlier post about my board selection for a trip to Bali with my family in few weeks. I put a post up a few weeks back about how Ive been struggling with my surfing as I get older and heavier. Outcome of this was I ordered a 8’6 hybrid type board. Now Im off to bali and plan to take it overt and my 7’6 fish.

Question, is it worth taking the 8’6 to Bali?

We are staying at a few places including canggu which Ive been told is not a bad break for longer boards and also Nusa Dua which Ive read the reef there may be ok for a larger board.

Don’t get me wrong Im not planning on taking the 8’6 out at Ulus or Padang.

So an 8’6 for a big guy in Bali, what do you reckon?

Thanks all.

My suggestion would be Medewi. It’s a nice long, mellow left hand point with a good vibe. Family friendly area.

Bear in mind with Medewi there’s usually a strong rip off the point and getting out through the rocks with a big board isn’t a cakewalk. Quite a few longboards get snapped on the inside section.
I believe Oldman’s and Nusa are easier?