Surfing Heritage Foundation

I visited the SHF in San Clemente a couple of weeks ago. I drove up to their doors on a Saturday morning even though I knew they were open only to tour groups. But, I only had that morning and was hoping someone would let me in for a peek. I got a lot more than a peek. Very nice people running the museum. Totally stoked on surfing. The La Jolla Shores Surfing Association had a tour scheduled and graciously let me join their tour. I met a friend of Bill Thrailkill’s. Even had my picture taken with their club. To say the collection of surfboards is awesome is an understatement. I spent three hours in the building and was even allowed to ‘feel up’ the rails. I saw my first Simmons boards and many more. What I’m saying is if you get a chance to see the collection, don’t pass it up. Join and support the Foundation if you can. I did. Thank you to all the nice people at the Foundation and also to the La Jolla Shores Association for making me feel so welcome. Shit, the La Jolla guys were never so nice to me when I was a kid!! Mike



We could have met up.


funny how cordial folks can be when there’s no peaks in sight.

Glad you were able to get in Mike! I was there last year for one of Bill’s design talks.

Looking at all those boards made me feel much better at the way my first ones came out.

If I’d been there to look at the boards first maybe I would not have made a few of them! Ha!

And, of course, further along in my designs.