surfing in bahamas

i am going to eleuthera the first part of march. i posted something about this a few months ago and didnt really get much. we got a really sweet deal on it a house in gregory town for $500 a week. i have done a fair amount of research but really cant find a whole hell of a lot on the surfing there. except for surfers beach is where its at. i did find out that the best time for swell is the first two weeks of march and thats the exact time i will be there. the guy who owns the place said that the break right out in front of the house maxes out at 2x oh. and the fishin is suposed to be really awesome. if anybody has any more info that would be great.

heres a pic

Have you tried the Travel Reports offered through Surfer magazine? I believe I saw Eleuthera mentioned a while back, but could be mistaken. i think you can even download the reports now, for a fee.

I surfed there back in 1979 christmas. We caught it about as good as it gets from 4 to solid 8 feet. Lumpy wave not much of a tube. You can ride a longboard there even when it big. Nice island not much to do other than surf unless you go way south. They used to have this chicken factory up the beach and would feed the sharks. It was kind of errie seeing feathers float through the lineup. I don’t know if it’s still there.

i think that i read something about that somewhere. yeah some of the things i have read said that most waves are in that 6 to 8 range. the people i am going with are intermediate surfers and i think that this will be a good place for all of us. i have heard rumors of a shallow screaming left on the north side of the island anybody know anything about this.

when i get back i will post some pics

There’s only really 2 rideable waves on the island. I’ve surfed both. The screaming left you mentioned is holiday beach. Yes it’s shallow. Reminded me of small pipe. Surfers beach is no slouch either! Great left with aqua velva colored water! People are the coolest anywhere! Walk through town and smell the fresh bread cooking, it’ll drive you nuts! Great fishing and spear fishing on the leeward side. I think you have to use a hawaiian sling if I remember correctly. There’s another wave behind club med next to this little island but doesn’t break much. Needs everything to be just right with some size.

You won’t be dissapointed with eluthera! Have fun!

“Great left with aqua velva colored water”

yup thats the color…spot on description…u need some offshores to brighten it up