Surfing in Mexico

Can anyone tell me by experience what the Manzanillo, Mazatlan and Ixtapa/Trocones areas are like to surf? Thanks

I surfed a right rocky point break called “El Tequan” (sp?) years ago about 10-20 miles north of Manzanillo that was a alot of fun. Very tide fickle though and basically would shut down on high tide. If I remember right it was hard to find unless you had a guide. The area has dense jungle right down to the water so spotting the break from the road would be impossible.

So in other words if I decide to go to Manzanillo, rent a ponga boat. Thanks.

That’s probably a good idea. The coastline there is pretty jagged.

I stayed at a place called Playa Kandahar in Trancones last spring(of 2002) and surfed a couple of spots in the area. The first was a rivermouth up the beach from the resort. I hit it before and after a storm off the coast. It provided some good head high + surf, but closed out a majority of the time. About a 45 minute drive north is Saladita which is a longboarders heaven, very long left point break. It breaks most of the time but has a nasty rip current so you paddle your ass off to stay in the line-up. I really wouldn’t go back to Trancones because there aren’t that many breaks, and the access to them stinks. The quality of the surf though is pretty good.

Good info, Thanks Alex.

yeah, stay away from Troncones :wink: kirk

Kirk, Sounds like you have something to share!? I’ve heard some good and skeptical things about Trocones… You probably haven’t even been there…

Howzit Alex, Playa Kandahar was owned by a couple of friends of mine (it’s for sale or already sold), and I went there in 97’. The rivermouth was the same as you described it, some good waves but also lots of closeouts. We ended up surfing saladitas most of the trip and it was a lot of fun. Now a days you can rent a place right there and I hear they have another restaurant that’s more american. I don’t know if you are aware that it’s the secret point they talk about, but it’s not as much a secret as it used to be. We also caught some good lefts at Trancones but I think we were lucky since I understand that it doesn’t get good very often. Aloha, Kokua

too many banditos, mosquitos, and burro burachos… actually, i friggin’ love that place. my two year old had four stiches in his head removed with a swiss army knife while napping in a hamock on the beach in Troncones…how could you not love that?! we try to make an annual trip down there, goin’ back in february… kirk

Kokua, I wonder if Secret Spot is the same place they call The Ranch. I never got out there because of the storm that hit when I was staying in Trancones. I heard that one of the motor boats capsized on its way out there and surfers went everywhere…if you know what I mean. I know The Ranch is supposed to have a killer right hander. The break at Troncones was probably 10’ or so when I was there but my friends and I had cold feet since it broke over some nasty rocks. Couple of guys where working it pretty good on longboards though. There is another break call Magua near Kandahar but it wasn’t breaking. I’ll tell you though it seems like the coastal geography in Trancones and Zihuat would make for some great surf spots but there aren’t that many…they got reefs, points, rivers, beaches…everything. Anyway, the pool at Kandahar is the best thing in the area to hang out in. Next surf trip is going to be San Jose Del Cabo next June.

I stayed at Playa Kandahar and when i was there, there was a young guy who acted as manager. His name was Tanager (Tanager the Manager). Anyone else run into him? He was one crazy dude.

Tanager Huh? well after a little more reserch and finally getting a hold of a guy that has been down there, who showed me some kick ass photos of some places, I’ll be in that generall vicinity. Cabo has been good to me in the past, the point off of San Pedrito RV gives fond memories.

Yes it was Tanenger. Very kooky guy but good hearted and very helpful.

Howzit Alex, The Ranch is not the secret spot. We took a boat to the ranch and got some good waves but nothing like Saladitas. Saladitas is the secret point, What is great about Saladitas is the length of your wave is determined by how far up the point you paddle. And the fact that you can surf right to the beach and order a cervasa and lobster lunch is a big plus. I have one friend who goes at least twice a year for a couple of weeks. One trip they had a swarm of killer bees buzzing the break and the palapas, made for an exciting session. Saladitas is a great place to work on your roundhouse cutbacks. Aloha, Kokua

One hour south of Mansanillo is a place called Pascuales. Mexican Pipeline stuff. Really good beach break eqaul to or better than Escondido. Almost always has swell. About another 1/2 hour is Boca de Apiza. Rivermouth can also get good. About another hour south of that is Tixla. Left and right point break/rivermouth kinda like Lowers. There aren’t many spots in this area, but there aren’t many people either so crowds aren’t an issue.