Surfing in Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau?

I’m living in Taipei, Taiwan, and I’ve gotta leave the country end of July/early August and I was thinking to head up to Macau or Hong Kong and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of places I could find some ocean to play around in.  I’m not particularly looking forward to sitting around in hotel rooms or in commercial centers wasting time by myself and I’d much rather be at the beach working on my Vit D intake.


Im not looking for huge waves or anything ‘scary’, since I’ve only started riding a surf mat relatively recently.  I’m just looking for something fun that I can laugh about. 




Hi, I could have put you in touch with my second eldest son who lives in HK but he & his grilfriend are currently doing an extended trip through the Nth & Sth Americas so not actually in HK at the moment. However people are friendly in HK so just ask around. There are often Junk trips organised from HK harbour which will take you to Stanley other areas. Only thing is; I've found the surf to not be very reliable throughout the Sth China Sea regions.   

Well thats dissappointing… I asked some other people and they’d mentioned Stanely on Hong Kong island but I’m not convinced it’ll have much action.  Maybe I’ll just spend a few days in the sun sleeping?  Boo.