Surfing Issue, XTR foam, epoxy glass, etc

I just saw the Surfing issue where they talked about epoxy boards. DId anyone see it? There are a couple of things that bugged me. It was prortrayed as if the delam problem has been fixed. I have personally bought tro boards made with XRT foam and they both failed. I am not sure if it was the epoxy or the foam. I read in the archives that it is the foam. Another thing that bugged me is that it was portrayed that by making pin-holes through the glass solved all the expoxy/stryro problems. My boards, in the atic, have pinholes and a logo with “thermovents” and it delamed in the first couple of weeks this past summer. I wanted to give epoxy anoither chance but I don’t think I want to hassle with styro foam. I think epoxy is a great product. The boards I have look and feel solid in and out of the water, but I have a one foot diameter bubble protruding from the tail patch area and a couple of small delams up by the nose. I am afraid to patch them, but I can’t see spending the time and money. If anyone wants to buy them I will sell them at a discount. One is a Linden and the other is an unknow brand called Pulse. List your e-mail address and I will send you a pick of each board. It would be a good projet for the do it your selfer who wants a light board.

I saw the article too. I wished they’d done a better job at it. I didn’t get much from it. I understand epoxy better from this forum.

When I saw Javier first using the “thermo-vents”, I thought about it and realized, “if”, the blanks won’t wick in water, then how the hell is the air going anywhere also.

Exactly Jim. They showed up down here with several notable shapers logos on them. Some survived, particularly in the winter months. The summer deliveries in the 100 degree plus heat didn’t fare so well. (some even came with a free delam the size of an eskimo pie from sitting on the loading docks!) My take on the thermo vents was a “30/30 Warranty” Thirty min. or thirty feet from the parking lot. Tom S.

I have three XTR boards which have been in my quiver for over two years and haven’t had one problem. I keep them in my garage all year around. When I smashed the rail on one I simply repaired it with the resin packet XTR gave me and it’s held up fine - just like a repair with poly.

At least one Sailboard maker incorporates a nifty Gore Tex vent to allow air pressure to allow air pressure to escape and keep water out. Here is a diagram of a vent plug.

A GOOD epoxy board will not do the delam dance, no way-----that sort of thing is history with a product of a good lam shop-------Clyde Beatty or Point Blanks… in the last 8 years i’m never had a heat delam and this includes boards left in back of the car while on duty as a lifeguard and long visits to Costra Rica…biggest problem i’ve had was dropping one on the edge of the crub at Kennedy airport at 3 in the morning on the way home from Costra Rica…therefore get a Good Epoxy…

I agree with Jim. And personally I have heard many reputable guys, including from Dow and Owens Corning, that they do take on water. They say it is “minimal”. So, even the product sheets say they absorb water. I also heard Point Blanks have a good reputation for not having delam problems. The thing is , they don’t sell blanks anymore, only completed surfboards. Hey is it true that CSoloman scrapped thie surfboard foam project?