Surfing Mag Firewire Contest

So there’s this contest for you to win a Firewire on “Surfing” magazine. All you have to do is sacrifice your board by burning it. I was tempted to grab my compsand, my denatured alcohol and have at it.

Hey its for a Firewire I reckoned. But I just couldn’t do it. Not because I loved my compsand that much but I just couldn’t justify the toxins that would dissipate into the atmosphere. So, I guess the point of this post is to say that Surfing should have thought of a more eco-conscious contest.




what if you already own a firewire

most likely burn easier imo

thats so silly


bit of a marketing bungle there my environmentally friendlies

You’re kidding right? - a company that is selling itself on low environmental impact is promoting toxic bonfires? Perhaps the marketing genius who thought that one up will chime in here and explain.

ah well

noodies perfect i supose

hadta have a giggle

They did say not to burn them, but to sacrifice them in a visually stunning way.

I was thinking it would be cool to load a board up with seal bombs (waterproof m-80s), light the fuse, and float it into a wavepool.

Maybe a wood-chipper, but that will probably be done a half-dozen times.

Yeah, they said DO NOT burn them…but show sacrifice in some way…i don’t even think it has to be the destruction of a board. It seemed kind of like an open ended photography assignment.

Really? Don’t burn them? I’m going to have to look at the ad again…

Melville can toss a mean axe, let’s paint a target on something and have Keith start throwing. Maybe Sways can win a Firewire!

Grom1: hey let’s sacrifice a board and win a Firewire!

Grom2: yeah! but not my …Lost thruster!

Grom1: or my Merrick…how about that old board in your garage?

Grom2: Oh yeah, that old diffenbanger or whatever it is, my dad never rides it. Let’s chuck it off the overpass… I’ll grab my camera…

Good marketing, perhaps, but very wasteful. Might I suggest sacrifice or “donate a board to a kid who needs one” as an alternative? Yes, there are kids out there that would like to surf but don’t have the $$…

Oh by the way I was surfing a few weeks ago and chatted with a guy riding one of those Firewires. I asked him how it felt and he said “stiff”. Hardly the answer I was expecting… he said he was surprised too.

Did you notice his fin set?

The Firewire standard fin sets (F3 F5 F7 inside foil) imo could be drastically improved. A combo of those fins maybe and without the inside foil. Just a thought. “Stiff” is a very hard one to determine without a bit more info, almost not worth bringing up.


Ahh, looking at the ad again it seems that I’ve missed a few lines. Although they don’t explicitly say “Don’t burn your boards”, they do say that “board burning is a cliche and it’s an environmental nightmare”. So I guess they are conscious about the environment. But why show a board burning in your ad? For sensationalism maybe? I’m over it. I hope a Swaylockian wins.

Happy Turkey Day guys…


nah rio

its hell wasteful and it sucks

how many stoked grommets could get a board

very wasteful example of a throw away society

it disgusts me

and shows how the corprate world can distort one mans great vision into something ugly

enviromentally friendly my ass!!!


I was about to make a giant ring of surfboards, light them on fire and then jump my motorcycle through it.

Big woop, they may as well give away a surftech. I’ll keep my polys for now.

Until customs are offered and Bert’s designs are utilized they’re just another popout as far as I can see.

Now if it were for a sunova…

…better burn a Surfing mag to turn on the fire in the fireplace…

Hows about this for a stunt -

One of the auzzie guys could go to the Firewire factory, and set a board outside, with just a little dynamite…

Booom, and you’ve got their attention!

They’d all come running out and see bits of surfboard flying around… your sure to win with that.

I wouldn’t recommend the San Diego crew to try that one… too many lawsuit problems!!