Surfing Take-Off/Pop-up Problems?

I have to get my life organized & get motivated to start swimming & working out more consistently. Last few times out surfing I really felt kinda weak / vulnerable, and it was only like 3-4 foot. My 69 bday is coming up soon, growing old kinda sucks.

I have a friend who’s about 3 yrs older, he gave up surfing several years back, but used to ride his bike at the point every day. Taking out his trash one day he had a fall, hit his head, got a concussion, now his balance is shot he can’t even ride his bike!

This is how it happens, I’m just trying to postpone the inevitable :slight_smile:

You nailed it there! Make every day count you never know what is around the corner. I worked on a house once and the owner was an old chap who was building a fence. I asked him at smoko (coffee break) how old he was (if he didn’t mind me asking). 93 he replied! I asked him his secret and he said you just have to keep moving!!!


Growing old is slow death for sure Huck. The final decline is inevitable. However a major factor in the decline is attitude alone, leading to inactivity. Exercise, nutrition and sleep are critical.

The type and combination of exercises make a big difference — done diligently. You can recover and maintain a substantial portion of physical capacity for much longer than most realize.

I won’t go down without a fight…

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At 70, my goal was to reach a much higher level of daily exercise (6 days per week). I forgot to mention an important caveat. I started low and slow, and gradually increased. It took me a year to achieve my objective, with lots of modifications along the way.

I was surprised by the success of my end results. In my 40s, I thought my workouts were high power. Turns out that they were not.