Surfing while at Berkeley?

anyone here live near or study at berkeley…? I will be studying there starting this fall and want to surf the next four years haha, but I won’t have a car this year. Let me know if anyone in the area who surfs would be willing to give me a ride maybe split gas or something. PM me, I’ll surf anything under 2OH and if it gets bigger and I’m too much of a pansy I could always become the photographer.

Thanks, anyone here a student at Cal?

Try posting an ad on

You’ll find people there for sure.

Try this yahoo group:

Lots of folks on the list who are just learning, but also a lot of people from the east bay who head to the coast or santa cruz and use the list as a way to hook up rides.

Good luck.


Mate, port kembla beach is only 5 mins drive from berkeley, and windang breakwall is only 10 mins south :slight_smile: