surfing yacht

check out the pics of this surfing yacht amazing!


Holy crap! First change the undies then call the insurance.

Right, I had seen that…amazing, how many people think that the ability to sign a promissory note for a boat confers with it the ability to run said boat competently when in fact boats are as tricky as, say, airplanes in a lot of ways.

Were it not for the Coasties and others like 'em, this would be far more common…


That’s a surfing yacht eating it. Here’s one that looks good to make it.

Or this…

Sailed a Santa Cruz 40 to Hawai’i a decade or more ago. Top speed about 18. The image above is from (sorry I didnt ask permission). Go there and watch the video of the above - reportedly 25 knots.

if that punk on the body board hadn’t taken off he coulda made the wave.

if this guy isnt sponsored…

he is a team rider for Yachtsea.

thats ok I got it…

you mean he jumped off?

quick jump on ,its ours,salvage rigghts

whadda mean you left the beacon bouy at the dock?

maybe the cops got one…

hey you got a bouy?

hey you gotta bouy?

hey you gotta bouy?

aw shipping lanes I’m missing the U.s. open

that fiber galass crap bucket aint goin anywhere till tomorrow tide.

lets go eat.

you guys wanna eat?

we got a big stew !

well who’s next.are the catamaran guys gonna start running the


only now can I believe I stayed seated for 118 still shots


wow that Ericson clip

I could audibly fantasise a thunder clap!


Want to know who’s doing that tune in the backround of the Ericson clip!! Will definately have that in my head for a while - preferably on a nice head high peeling left, trimmed slightly forward, screaming under the lip - with a big smile on…

Anyone have a clue who that is?

I didn’t see the clip but just to be clear- that’s not an Ericson, it’s a Santana 22, an early plastic fantastic, popular enough to have been reissued by the boatbuilder W.D. Schock.

We should try to get some photos of an Olson 30 surfing. George Olson, the designer, former surfboard shaper/manufacturer, should get a lot of credit for the whole “fast is fun” philosophy of sailing.


Thanks aquafiend. Much appreciated - Pete

image 13: I hate it when people abandon thier logs in the impact zone and/or don’t use a good leash. You think that guy in image 13 soiled his suit seeing that thing tumbling down the at him?

the bad part is that his sperry’s probably got wet and the leather was ruined