Surfing's History Info

I am preparing to do a research paper, on the influence of the explorers, and nonnatives to Hawaii. How it could have very well extinguished surf culture as we now precieve it. I have done some limited research, and would like some other input, if anyone has a particular website, book, or anything else that may be useful, please let me know. Thanks

You CANNOT go wrong by getting Malcolm Gault-Williams series Legendary Surfers, all of the info you are looking for is included in there somewhere

I did that report in high school, too.

About a bizillion years ago.

A good place to start is the

book HAWAII by James Michener.

You are going to have to try

and understand the culture

before you can understand

the effect of anything

on the culture. This book

will give you about as good

a beginning as you can ask for.

Culture: The sum total of the learned behavior of any given society.

It’s a great book. Surfing is mentioined.

Here’s the link.




Here’s the web address to Jim Phillips suggestion.

Hey guys thanks, it’s for college, thank god no high school…THanks for all the info, I’ll check it all out and let you know wht came of it.