surfmat up for grabs

Putting this here since really just giving it away-cost of shipping only. Mod please move if feel the need.

Long story. The relevant short is that I am pretty much done with mats. I got this from Paul Gross probably 7 or 8 years ago but it is still in fine condition. No pin air at all [just to double check, pulled it out, blew it up tight and it has been sitting now 4+ hours with zero detectable loss of pressure.]. Has Vulkem deck traction I put on.

I got it new as “cosmetic second” because Paul had experimented w/ a new glue on for traction that did not hold and there was some stainage on the deck. Also, I used wrong kind tape when I put on the Vulkem and it left some blue schmutz that could come off w/ acetone for sure but I did not want to use something that harsh on the material. Otherwise, it is just a black basic fun to ride mat.

Yours for cost of shipping. I already have a great mailing travel tube no charge for that; I think it cost all of $3 when I got it, very heavy cardboard tube for big painting or blueprints etc. Being in Ecuador (not sure have to check) but likely around $30 or so. Will take about 3 weeks to wend its way northward to you. (I just had two pkgs from US to me sit in customs for almost 3 weeks because they were too busy w/ the world cup and cerveza to bother much w/ work. Certainly can’t fault their priorities here!)

Save it for me and ship it to my friends in Ecuador to hold for me.

You got it.   Give me an address and best time frame and it will be on its way. If need be I can hold it until you come back down then ship. I will be here until next April I think.

The kids will love it.

Perfect. Great new home for it.