Surfset Resins finally here! Epoxy/acrylic resin

Hey guys

Just wanted to let the Australian guys know that a New resin have arrived!

Surfset PRO fast resin - for laminating - potlife 15min flip time 2 1/2 hours

Surfset FLEX - 3 in 1 resin - laminate, filler, finish coat without adding wax or xylene.

Interview in swellnet

For all the details, TDS’s etc…



Hey John,

do you have any distributers/retailers on the goldy?



Hey Scot

We are talking to a manufacturers rep at the moment. But aslo looking at retail outlets? Any suggestions? Where do you shop for your supplies.

Its been a while, but last time I went to shapers 

I think it would be great if you could get to sell your resin. So much easier!!

another update

We have brought out a PU look epoxy, most ultra bright epoxy resins are slightly off colour inside under and because they have a photochromic tint they get outside and then change colour to the bright purple to make it look “white”


We decided to do a tint range that stays the same inside under lights and outside in the sun as we were told by some of our customers that the board shops found it a reason not to buy an epoxy board, and their customers that the board looked “old” under shop lights.

so in the shops the epoxy will look closer to a “tinted poly resin” than the normal epoxy



It says it’s an epoxy acrylic. What are the advantages? It sounds like it may be more of a viscosity and leveling thing.

…what is PU look , epoxy ?

Hi Kayu
PU is a PUrple tinted resin similar to the Poly tinted resin. With the boards you do the Clear would be perfect! we have a few wooden guys around you which uses our product. Stuart Bywater, Steve Hann, Grant Newby they have all used the Surfset Flex with great results.

stuarts boards

Does Surfset have a UV filter then ?..where is it manufactured ?

It’s made on the Central Coast NSW, one of the reason we use acrylic in our mix is for the Uv protection. Think of Perspex that is an acrylic resin. Also most external house paints are acrylic.
PMMA is UV stable and very clear plus strong and once cured very good wear resistance .
Before we brought to the market we painted normal paving stones (one coat) with all the leading epoxies and put them outside left them there 24/7 for a year after a year of rain hail and shine only ours and one other still had a covering and after 2 years we were the only one that still had (just) a cover.

Sounds good…I’ll grab some soon and have a play …the MSDS will be interesting .