surfwax ingredients?

IM in year 12 at high school at the moment. For one of my subjects, Design and Tech, we have to create an innovative project which we work on for the whole year so that we can get our HSC. Coz i love surfing, I wanted to do something with that…a surfboard was a little out of my league, so i settled on surfwax…the only problem is i cant find the recipie for it anywhere. Ive tried writing to companys, magazenes etc, but no one will reply. Im not trying to make a profit off it or anything, just pass my HSC. If anyone knows the basic ingredients for surfwax, it’d be a great help if you could give it to me as i need to know fairly soon whether i will be able to get the ingredients or not. thanx.

…geeez ,what a tired ,beat up subject…check the archives for what you are after…

When I was 13 I had a similar project for school. I went around to all the neighbors asking if I could mow thier lawn, was thier windows, or anything for some money that I needed for a school project. Trust me, once you mention a school project they can come up with a few bucks and a job for you. One month later I had enough for the project. My dad was a carpenter so I had pleanty of tools that I could use, allthough you can get a clark blank and save yourself the need for many of the tools. If you don’t have any tools at all that you can use then work for another weekend and buy yourself a handplane and some sanding paper. If your school has a wood shop look into seeing if you can use it, that or another shcool in the district may have one and you might be able to work something else out there. In any event, you should try a surfboard. I am sure if you work hard at it you can find a way to get the supplies, tools, etc… then not only will your school project be more fun but at the end of it you have a new surfboard. Trust me, it will be the best board you have ever ridden.

chances are it won’t be the best board you’ve ever ridden. but you will be damn proud of it.

Most of it is probably carnubawax or parrafin. Find a data sheet on diff. waxes and compare the melting temps, find a suitable one… and there you go. A lot of ‘secret’ ingredients like smell, adhesive etc.: Not a mystery. Make a IR-spectogrph and you’ve got it all. With the right equipment you can find out the components in an hour and the next day you can have a gallon of the exact same homemade stuff. Is this really what you want to do for a year???