Swallow Tails

Forgive me if this has been covered but…Can someone talk about the variables within the swallow design? The depth of the swallow and the width of the points and how these affect the boards charact. It seems the original fishes had real wide deep tails. What does the smaller swallow tail on modern fishes really do? Thanks, Trev.

Johnson, the old fish with the deep swallow did’nt have a trailer fin. Kind of like having a wide tail (fast/loose) with two pintails to help the big wide tail hold. On the modern fish, add the third fin and you cant fit the deep swallow. Tri fins with square tail provide a fast/loose ride(by providing a wider tail). Modern fish usually have a wider template than a square tail, with the swallow pins to help hold a little better. And swallow tails look really cool. -Rick

Thanks Rick, It’s interesting. The give and take aspect of board design. We do these things to loosen and tighten them up. Like putting that small fin in the modern fish to make it a little looser them adding a nice little swallow tail to gain some hold.TS