Swashbuckling Surfers Hit the Polls!


My company, Denizen Surfboards, based in Jacksonville, FL is in the running for a $1000 small business grant from Idea Cafe.  Currently I am in 2nd place behind an entire school of swordfighters in North Carolina.  As much as that might sound like a joke, it's not.  You can see how it would be easy for a school full of people to raise votes, so in order to compete, I am turning to you my fellow shapers, surfers and entrepreneurs for help!   I only have until the 30th of this month to get as many votes as possible, so you have to act quick!  To vote, visit this link:


Take a minute to watch the video too.  It's my video application for the grant, but it will give you an idea of what Denizen Surfboards is all about!

I love what I'm doing and this extra cash flow will help me A LOT, so thanks in advance for your help, and your vote!  


Holt Lindenberger

Denizen Surfboards