SwayDay & custom day in Europe for 2011

Hello mates,


As SingleFin.it we planned our annual festival for 24-25th September 2011 (VERSILIA - Italy - Northwestern coast of Tuscany)

This will be a day for surfing enthusiasts from all over italy and europe expecially for classic logs, fishes, retro-styles and also diy shapes, but also “revolutionary” shapes, constructions and ideas sharing. Swap board day, wooden watercrafts, shredding logs expression session and more…

As we hosted last european fish fry in sept 2010, we will be proud to be “tagged”  as the sway day europe for 2011, but we’d like to some feedback from you all guys.

A two days of great people, great boards, talking, chatting, eating, drinkin’, sun & good waves (hope!) in the mediterranean blue sea.

Please let us know your impressions.



singlefin.it @ gmail.com


suggestions welcome!