Swaylock and wife to Andalusia, Spain

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The wife and I are headed to the Andalusia region of Spain next Friday for nine days. Looking for any insider tips on the hidden gems: good food, nice beaches, cute inns, must see’s…you know what I mean. Probably won’t bring along a board – hoping to rent one if duty calls. We’re renting a car and are not afraid of getting off the beaten track.

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Hope you and the Mrs.

Have a great and happy time in Spain.

May he watch over you,always,Herb.

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Hasta luego.



along atlantic coast beautifull hill town of Verez de la Frontera.White Moorish architecture and only 5 miles from excellent surf of la parma. Stay there if only for a night.Good hotel i could recommend if your interested,just need to get it out of files.This is a forgotten bit of Spain surf wise and the country side has not been as developed as much as the med.Like a dusty pair of old brogues.Magic.

Renting boards this time of year maybe a problem but i see that a spanish swaylockian may help you out there.if not i could make some calls


mike- drop carlos a line.(he is in some of the pictures with me and the 7’2" paul gross in archives).he lives on the coast and is one cool cat.pm me if you want his info…have fun and best leave the wooden hangers at home this trip(ha-ha!!)

HI Mike, I spent 3 weeks there a year or two ago, beautiful place, I look forward to going back. I found it hard to rent boards though and ended up buying one.

I rented a small house in a town called Los Canos de Meca (buisness was called Casas Karen) nice quaint little town full of hippies. with a couple surf spots and a great forest for walking in. great cafe called El Pirate for an evening drink and some tapas.

Cadiz was probably the most fun and nicest city I have ever been too, almost like Rio but without the crime.

Take the time to check out the town of Acros de la Fronterra, built on top of a ridiculous mesa with the whole whitewash Moorish acritecture(sp), it is a beautiful spot.

my other favorite spot was a little town called El Lentiscal, near Tarifa popular with wind surfers and kite guys but has a great beach and you can surf right out in front of the roman ruins, (keep an eye on the bulls that wander the beach.)

This is an amazing place filled with wonderful friendly people, beautiful scenery and fun but smallish surf.




Lived in Cadiz for a few years back during my college years (decade). Actually I lived outside of it in a small town called Cabo Roche.

This was years ago. I understand things have changed alot. Any info I could give

you would be seriously outdated.

Things that have probably not changed—

Waves not to miss. #1 Barbate, right hand point break. When its on, its beautiful.

#2 The beach breaks in Cabo Roche. Cracking waves, broke many boards there.

#3 A secret spot that still isn’t surfed, another right hand point on the west side of the bay, near chiclana.

A couple of the things I really feel fortunate to have seen.

#1 The Alhambra in Granada. Stunning castle and gardens.

#2 The architecture in Sevilla. Don’t remember the name of it, but one cathedral was amazing.

I don’t know anything about renting boards there. When I was there, there were absolutely no local surfers.

And I never did find a surf shop. I used to drive up to the Semente factory in Ericeira, Portugal to get boards.

Oh yeah, the hydrofoil to Morocco is a good way to waste a day, if it still runs.

And the Rock of Gibraltar.

Have fun and post pics when you get home

Guys! This is all such killer information. Thanks so much.

Ola ’

If you have time, spend a day & night in Tarifa an active european kite and windsurf laboratory, have good food at Morilla restaurant for fresh fish and local breakfast in the morning, great food also at the Hurricane Hotel, and tons of tapas in the old town, have horse ride (with a guide) with bulls everywhere and watch local corrida in a tiny village, especially if kids are fighting !

if a south west swell come in (it could happen this season) go the Trafalgar light house (canos de meca), and check !