Swaylocks as the Source


Thought I would share a Interview with my friends here on Sways. Notice early in the Interview I use Swaylocks as a good to guide for the Stand Up Paddle Community. Enjoy the ride my friends.

Mahalo, Larry 


Click on the link below to listen:


Great interview Larry.


Thanks A2tall, Glad you enjoyed the interview. Having fun with the birth of a new movement with great friends like you guys here. Mahalo,Larry

thx for posting Larry

That interview was great ! I started experimenting with SUP board fins about  1 1/2 years ago. I had good knowledge of windsurfing fins as I was playing with them since 1985. Of coarse I did not know or care who Larry was in those days just wanted every fin I could lay my hands on. Funny when I look back on those days 90 % of the fins I had were made by Larry. Getting into SUP I found out that SUP fins were nothing like Wind surf fins. I was paddleing 6 days a week and grinding out fins as fast as I could and testing them ,Learn what I could and grind out what I could. What Larry was saying in the interview is exactly what I have been learning the hard way. Thw why things work the way they do is really interesting to me. I was getting tired of the trial and error of my fin makeing but Larry has sparked my interest in doing some more. This information is most  helpful to me. Because  I am interested in only wood fins  I will just have to except the downside  of wood fins floating , allthough I may try heavey woods that dont float as core stock for my fins. I can make up ply blanks out of Ipe and then would have sinkers. Anyway Larry thank you for that interview and I will be watching it a few more times What I am trying to make is a fin that works for paddleing in shallow water. The fin can be no deeper than 8 inches. The outher thing is it needs to be able to sail my 14 ft SUP board at 7 to 12 miles per hour and point good up wind. It does not need to be able to turn sharp or fast. This is when the board is being used for ocean fishing , trolling a 90 foot fishing line and sailing close in and over the reefs. I think that the fin set up I did today will be what I will go with but I have to put it through the tests first. Thanks again Larry , Your the Man !!


Thanks wood ogre for the kind words my friend. I am glad you guys enjoyed the interview. Your comment about the windsurf fins brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard. Here is a pick about the Allison Sup Dagger concept on 14ft and longer SUP Boards. Your 14 ft. board would be stable and still east to turn along with the counter balance of front and rear fin would able you to go into water has shallow as 5 to 6 inches. Mahalo, Larry

Wow Larry board And fins are just stunning. It funny to see this. I was just thinking about putting a double single fin on an egg one under my front foot one under my back. Thought it was an original idea. But clearly the master has done it haha.