Swaylocks East 2004 *PIC*

Nobody wants to ask the obvious questions about Isabel and the OuterBanks. Here’s some of the details: Highway 12 (the only road)has ben breached in two places north of Buxton - Buxton has extensive damage, the Hatteras Motel at the entrance to town is gone - several businesses along 12 in Buxton are now sitting in the middle of 12 - Hwy 12 has been breached south of Buxton. Hatteras Village has been hit extremely hard and there is one confirmed fatality down there. Millions without power Rob Olliges

I say we should still go. Rob Olliges

sweet!!sure could use something like that right now -very flat in our neck of the woods…(of course sympathy to those who suffered any loss or damage.)

Out of control today…lots of limbs, trees, and signs down. (I heard that the Nags Head pier is ruined down N.C. way). Most unfortunately, someone drowned at long beach (n.y.), yesterday…and the thing IS the poor guy who died was a swimmer-not a surfer- who went for a dip in victory at sea conditions. To top it off, the guy was a POLICE officer who should have known better. Am extremely sorry for his family, but am kind of bummed out…these are the same guys who force west end guys out of the water during peak days in summer(I am lucky enough to have a more or less semi - private beach where I go, so not as affected). Now, they will probably restrict (the already cramped conditions) at the jetties. Last year, some kid drowned at the rockaways (to the west of THAT area) and they closed the area to surfing. (New York…“land of lawsuits”). People in a position of power get this illusion of untouchability. Immune to harm or accountability. Now, that cop’s family has to deal with this guy’s folly. Surf (AND swim) safely. Aloha, T.

It was a shame about that guy, but people need to think before they do things. Down in AC here in NJ, some guy got pulled out by the rip and hand to be rescued. The funny thing is, they interviewed the guy and he was like “I was just wading in the water up to my knees”. What the hell, there are f’ing 65mph winds and a hurricane is supposed to make landfall in hours. It’s pouring rain and sand is blowing everywhere with seas in excess of 12ft and you pick this day to go for a “walk in the water”. I have a hard time feeling bad for people like that.

Talking about a sense of invincibility…I love the shots from the Weather Channer of the dude (I don’t think a chick would ever have so much ego) on the OB who got his full size Range Rover knocked over by a breaching wave. KNOCKED OVER! I can just see this guy sitting in his cab, windshield wipers swooshing, looking at that two feet of sweeping water, with the thought bubble over his head, “This thing can handle it…” S.

conditions on wed were very fun on LI – still had a sweep – i would not have gone swimming – what is that guy thinking? – awfully sad – you really think they will restrict it even further? – no restrictions now after labor day – was he in town?

yeah but wind is supposed to go offshore tomorrow so I can’t wait until it changes to be a super fun session at about 5 - 6ft and clean… AHHHHH i can’t wait

Hopefully it stays good until Sunday AM - I can’t get on it till then! arrgh!! EJ

can you smell that… hmmm, must be a skunk. Swell should be decent for a while on Saturday. Flat on Sunday!

Drew, always the optimist, haha. I think sunday will be fine so says my trusty forcast site. You going to be at washington ave?

FYI - Sunday - small, clean, offshore, a blast on a longboard - some with enough face and juice to go shorty on. worth the effort. I heard Sat was bigger but blown…? EJ