Swaylocks in Central Fl near Coco Beach.

I am finally able to get over to the east Coast of Florida would like to meet up with some of the Fl crowd for a Surf or a Beer I'll buy  Also would like to find a quality glass shop that does epoxy over Balsa.

Do you know balsabill? If you come to Brevard County, you need to see his surf shop. PM (or em) me and I could meet you there around lunchtime someday. I'm not sure who to recommend for epoxy/balsa, but I'm sure Bill and I could come up with a few possibilities.

Thanks Mike I am up in St Austine right now will be heading south again. In the early AM The 16th.  send me a PM with your number and I will call you.  What do you Know of Island surfboards? They said They could do my 7' 10" Balsa.