Swaylocks Oahu Get Together July 2 Oneula Beach Park

Swaylocks Oahu get together, July 2 at Oneula Beach Park, 2pm to whenever. Surfing, BBQ, compare boards, etc…At the suggestion of Oneula, I’ve already sent invites to:

jip, oahusurfer, foamdust, honolulu, sidestreet, jtroy, cmp

But am putting it out here for anyone else who might be able to make it. (Proneman, will you be in town?)

I’m leaving for Makaha on Monday and won’t have computer access, so I won’t be able to do much in the way of planning, coordination, etc. But it should be fun…

see you there if you can make it.


When I read this post, I started crying.

I’m temporarily in Philadelphia-

Boy, would I love to hang with you guys and sample some of your boards, styles, and stoke.

Will have to wait.

But if you guys need boards, I’ve got an enticing quiver of boards in Ala Moana. Let me know.

Oneula’s one cool guy. I’m sure he’ll show you around this home break in local style.

ahhh bummer… i am locked into a garage sale for tusami relief in Kailua all day on the 2nd… anyone got stuff they want to sell???

anyhow i’ll try to make it late afternoon… i can offer up my backyard for a bbq any other day between the 2nd and 9th…

OK. Let’s make it 2pm on the 2nd, then. A little later start, still plenty of time to surf and eat!

Got a note from J. Troy, sounds like he can make it.

and Proneman says he’s going to try too.

where’s oneula park?


Can I come and crash the party?

It’s near Ewa Beach, south Oahu.

absolutely you can, there are no “crashers” because everybody is welcome.

I should be there about 1pm, I have a green shortboard and a white lonboard. See you there!