Swaylock's referenced in latest The Surfer's Journal

“The 10k Board Rule”

Last lines…

A guy arrived at the factory with a freshly shaped blank and asked to have it glassed.  [Chris] Christenson [owner of Moonlight Glassing] looked at the board and thought it was fairly well made – nice vee, rails, ectetra.

“Who shaped this board?” Christenson asked.

“I did!” the guy responded. “It’s my first one. I did it on the Shaper 3D program,” he added.

Turning to his glasser at Moonlight, Christenson said, “Charge him double.”

I first learned about Sways from a small blurb in the Journal.





…so where s the reference?

I’m in the office right now and the journal is…um… on my bathroom floor right now.  It’s probably in the 1st third of the article.  I’ll see if I can grab an image later today and post it.

…so where s the reference?

**The Surfer's Journal**, Volumne 25, Number 2, April-May 2016, ESSAY The 10K Board Rule, pp6-7
Excerpt from 2nd paragraph...
The dialogue with experts that a young shaper could only earn in years sweeping shop floors and fixing dings now occurs through online message boards like **Swaylocks**.

don’t blow anything up, but here’s how to make a bomb

swaylocks is like moonlight in many ways… some people in the lime light… many more behind the closed doors making things happen…

No reason to get a woodie. Surf mags only make money if you pay them for adds. 6 super massive surf brands support surffers Join All… No small brands. No little adds in the back. Not backyard. Not supporting small shops or shapers… Not that I really give a crap. My Rip Curl suit fits great … if they go out of business I’ll just buy one from O niel or Quick…all made in Thailand…

… My US Blanks foam is made in California. Fiberglass and resin made in the USA… did not see an add for those companies in Suffers Burnal…


…hello Gunkie; thanks.

-Hello Stingray; well, in my opinion, that s one of the real problems we had and have in the surfboard industry; in the past that evolved into what s the industry now (read: pro circuit…and all what s involved)

That s what I say about perception; not any groovy in brands like Christenson et all; they are the king of branding;

is the same with Apple inc fooling “us” that they are the way to go (the sidekicks) with the computers and not the mainstream like Microsoft…

“…now occurs through online message boards like Swaylocks.”

Haha, like there’s a bunch of surfboard builders’ forums like Swaylocks, lol.

That’s a good point. I’ve never paid attention to the ads in SJ. We have Eastern Surf on the right coast, they support the little guys.

Lately, the ERBB has been blowing doors on Swaylocks

Haven’t been by lately but the twinzer thread you sent me to was a good one!  I’ll check it out.

Check the Steps Of Shaping thread…
And by “lately” I mean for at least the last few months if not year.