Swaylocks Soul

Okay you guys asked for it…

So while we’re we’re on the subject of lifeforce…

Just how much soul goes into a swaylocks post?

And more importantly just when does a swaylocks post gain soul or become soulful?

In that this is really all a digital world of bits and bites is there truly a ghost in the machine?

And for those who refuse to search the archives before they broadcast the same question for the umpteenth time do we declare the souless or perhaps just sole-less?

And those that answer have they not too sold/souled out?

Questions, endless questions but who can answer such hypocrasy and such controversy.

can swayers really develop the rhythm and soul to become a true popping and spinning locker?

or are we doomed to waste our lives away pondering the fringe of our essence while the rest of the world goes about it’s merry way…

We natives believe there’s soul in everything including the unnatural and including you so you need not ask…

Where’s sways fits in all that is beyond me but if we need to waste more time sitting with our hand on our chin

lets really try to figure figure out the equation of life…

oh oh

lunch time’s over

back to work…

it’s easy …

let’s go surfing .

seeya !



youve had a sex change

looking good mate

I’m assuming you mean soul as in energy. Soul as in not the life that makes your body you. But in the feeling or vibe. . . Not style because that is different for each person.

I feel a surfboard doesn’t have sou. The soul is in the person. The people of this place. Everyone here gives this place the feeling, the vibe. You riding your surfboard gives it soul.

Ben’s avatar of that bush covered person on a bike was funny too

judging by that avitar, chip, you got something going on, sway soul or not, lol

sways is a community, albeit an online digital one. a community can have soul. that’s way some neighborhoods have a good feeling - ie OB in San Diego.

If the participants are first of all honest, and drop pretenses and prejudices, sure this has soul.

i don’t know any of you guys, and unless you happen to come to brazil, chance is we won’t meet. but, the vibe of this forum is positive, check some of the others for a comparison.

i love you, man


i love YOU man!

(famous beer commercial skit)

yeah Ben, lookin good…r u available?

lol, i was wondering if anyone would remember that…

hey, did you ever get over to the bahamas, by the way?

no not yet but there’s stuff in the plans…i like to time it just right so i catch it good/epic…so im on stand by…i’ll let u know for sure…



The soul of Swaylock’s is a Group Soul


youve had a sex change

looking good mate

cheers buddy…don’t let your wife know

judging by that avitar, chip, you got something going on, sway soul or not, lol”

thanks mate …but I’d rather have something coming off !

"yeah Ben, lookin good…r u available? "

don’t try this at home …

"kids , want to be popular ?? …have a sex change " …er …no , I DON’T think so !!

number of hits on chippy’s new avatar photo …2000

number of people who tried to enlarge the image …2000

i think that we have a soul of a close nit community. i have only met one other guy from the forumn in the year or so that i have been on here. but i really feel like everyone out here looks out for each other and gives compliments and constructive criticism. a lot of other forums dont have that vibe, i have seen many a first timers on other sites get really negative feed back. i cant really remember a time where anyone has said anything mean on here. i know i have learned a lot

the first time i glassed a board i had somethng like that happen to me like in that jim phillips pic. that was pretty scary. i could feel the bucket gettin hot, and i was thinkin i wonder why this is getting so hot. and the next thing i know its smokin, very scary for the first time

swaylocks soul?? how 'bout a big sur sing-a-long??!!


i think that we have a soul of a close nit community.

was that intentional ? I’ve met a few [nit wits] already , but ,thankfully, there are not TOO many here . Cecil

Epoxy does it too.

Good thing I have welding gloves in the shop. I dumped this into a bucket of water outside & it still smoked for hours. Its when I was just starting to heat my resin before adding hardener. Guess I went a little overboard. As soon as the hardener went in, it sounded like pouring milk on Rice Krispies…I put on the gloves, grabbed the bucket & ran.

I had the opportunity to meet a fellow swaylockian a while ago and it actually was a “wierd” experience in a good way. I couldn’t help but have a big smile and good feelings. I know I wanted to talk for hours about all this stuff here we have in common. Even though we have a lot of different ideas and views on things, its a very" cool vibe". I especially appreciate the pros, the guys that do this for a living and the guys with a lot more experience being so helpful to “newbies” and hobbyists.

I think the “soul” of it is the common interest. And I have to say it, it does create a “bond” of sorts.

ANd thanks for putting up with my nonsense, too.

Howzit Skip, I see you like that picture also,I have it hanging on my wall above the computer. The picture is actually 2 people, Jim Phillips the artist( not our Jim) body and Tony Mikus's head. A while back a friend loaned me a Book of Jim's art work and life history, he came from a very artistic family and his son is just as artistic and is following in his dads footsteps. Aloha,Kokua