Swaylocks T-Shirts (including Swayloholics camp shirt)


Slashzilla has baked out the likely design for this year’s shirt:


…wIth the “Swaylock’s” on the front pocket and the top portion with the icons on the back.

I’ll try to get some quality American made shirts…ideally that aren’t as emo-fitting as the ones last year (or did my biceps just get bigger?).

I’m also working with Paler to see what we can do about offering some generic Swaylock shirts for sale at the same time to accomodate folks who want to contribute to the site and sport some sways gear but may not necessarily want to rock the campout shirt. Last year we sent Mike a check for $100…this year we may have a line on printing services that could increase the funds generated for the site.

Let me know if you have any objections to the current design and if you might be interested in a straight Swaylock’s shirt so I can gauge interest.


I’d be into the ah, straight Swaylock’s shirt.  I don’t mind rocking the arms though.  Life is short. :slight_smile:

My preference would be for the straight Swaylock's shirt, or even a straight Swaylocks sticker to put up in the the shop. 

I'm sure there is a good reason why this hasn't been done already, but.... Why aren't there a few Swaylock's graphics posted on http://www.cafepress.com/?  That way people could order their own Swaylocks shirts, coffee mugs, shot glasses, hats, or even underpants.

     Howzit afoaf, Just tell how much and where to send the money for a couple of larges. Aloha,Kokua

   Howzit afoaf, Just tell me how much and where to send he money for a couple of larges.Aloha,Kokua


These designs look excellent!


have you checked out the Swaylock’s swag shop? (it’s been in the global nav for like 3 years…)


Ahhhaa!  Boy, do I feel silly.  It was right in front of me all the time. 

...and it's even hosted by cafepress.


those design look unique.I really like it but how much???

I’m in if there are larger sizes (xxl-xxxl). Don’t want no girls’ shirt!

there was…

in the days before time was measured

in spring lines ,

clothes that needed customizing

and cars that were plain…


driving back to pedro from santa cruz

I was bumming a ride.The driver

stopped the car on the side of the road

,where he had  spotted a friend O.B.DAVE

dave was driving an austin.

This austin was covered with stenciled

lettering enumerating a now ancient

loosely affiliated outfit then known as the



surely a story in itself,but staying on track

the stencil was in dave’s possession

and was likely to be complicit

in the appearance of mac meda



for the slow ooofffff mmmiiiinnndddd


with a stencil and a CAN OF SPRAY PAINT?



CAN YOU FEEL IT? yes and the swaylocks car

the swaylocks dog ,the swaylocks sleeping girlfriend,

but the swaylocks dumpster bridge  overpass

are definately not an option …


the silkscreen and iron-on-ick are ,if you dint know,

are decendants of this ignoble process…

bring old shirts Jackets


new t shirts, sweats 


destroying the stencil after a given day makes for limited edition.


so is the depth of the murky mire of my convoluted imagination.

stencil material?

card board visquine plastic

craft store pop out letters

razor knife in hand you too can raise the 

towel to the side of the car open door

slam it in place and tape

and tape a shirt on and spray…


sleeping dogs beware

unsuspecting new girlfriends

request washable paint…

as with the overthrow of 

comercial surfboard building lockout

art too can easily be put into the hands of 

child-like inspiration and endure as a relevant

contribution and indeed ass-end to status indeed

considerable high art … but indeed beware 

some places spray cans are con troll ed …

hanging beach towels forming an enclosure

will keep out the prying eyes of passing rangers and

CHP…fantasy at play injects the thoughts of multi cans of paint…





     Howzit Brose, Saw you walking out of your shop today and it looked like you looked at my van as I was driving towards Lihue to get a catscan. In those days before time was measured there was the first Pine Trees long board contest and the shirts were done with the stencil and black spray paint. Aloha,Kokua

I like, I like!



I like the new design. Simple but hit all the major points dead on. Good job!

BTW- One thing a really dig about last years shirts is the feel. It’s the softest t-shirt I own. Just sayin. :slight_smile:



to see what we can do about offering some generic Swaylock shirts

      Howzit epacman, If somebody makes them people will buy them for sure. I am 2 weeks away from my move or I would do it. I am way to busy getting stuff sent and going to 2 hr healing sessions to do anything now. If you see J.A. tell him Aloha for me. Aloha,Kokua

aloha Kokua - i’ll send your best to JA. We saw him briefly a few weeks ago when he was filling in at V’tura surfshop. He sold his VW van and has a nice old hotrod of a car he’s been building. His health has improved as well.


Nice to hear from you. Stay well! We think of you often.


Final updates to the shirt design:



Small front “pocket” logo with larger logo on the back of the shirt.

These are available for ordering now. Final price will be determined shortly…this is largely based on the number of shirts ordered (should be about $10 or less). There will be a small component built in to the price that will be contributed directly to Paler as a fundraiser for the site. Last year we were able to send him a check for $100, hopefully we can do the same this year.

Please post your order request here or send me a message on the site.

    Howzit afoaf, I am still planning on being there for the fun and meeting fellow Swaylockians but things can change but whatever I want to get a shirt or 2 so what we need is an address to send money and info to. Aloha,Kokua

Just PM me the number and sizes you want…we will handle the business end of things at the campout.

If you will not be attending, then I will arrange for shipping to you at the lowest rate I can muster.

It will be great to see you there!

     Howzit afoaf,Thanks, will get back to you soon.Aloha,Kokua