Swaylock's Thanks

I would like to thank Mike and the regular contributors to this site for the free exchange of ideas that go on here. Over the many years of alternative board building the one thing I always thought was lacking was communication between those of us who were interested in pushing board building to a new level. It’s very hard working alone, not to mention slow. Results just seem to come when they come and often ideas come and go without ever being tried simply because there isn’t time. I’ve seen and heard of things here that I’ve only dreamed of, and some that I’ve never EVEN dreamed of, that have actually been tried! I had always hoped that the media would someday get involved the way they were in the 70’s and that we would see a day when the surfboard would progress using all the newer technology that is now available. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to develop products that allow for steps forward only have a mag editor tell you that he doesn’t believe surfboard design and construction belongs in that forum. If it doesn’t belong there then where? I guess here! Has anyone else noticed that in the 70’s surf mags sold over 250,000 copies per issue while today the sell about 100,000? Wonder why? Maybe it’s because they’ve given up readership that they once fought for. The hard core. Now it’s fluff pieces on Indo trips for groms paid for by rag merchants while today’s major industry push is being done in third world countries with labor that’s never even seen an ocean. How many of you guys read that crap? Very few I’ll bet. Sorry, I’m getting off the subject which is the exchange of ideas that happens here, not only amongst the beginners but the experienced pro builders as well. It is my hope that this communication will lead to a new surfboard industry that will again be respected for making quality, advanced equipment that has real value to the guys riding it. That the sign of quality will be judged by the product and not how many free boards you give away to “pros.” That the surfboard builder will once again be held in high esteem for excellence of product. Sorry for the rant and again thanks.

This place is only as good as the people that visit and contribute. Your contributions are really appreciated, if by no one else, by me. Hope you connect with Stan Pleskunas sometime…

Mr. Loehr, My father says, that you are only human. He went out the back door saying that you might really be the epoxy god. He wasn’t laughing this time though … have fun

Swaylocks is great and I really appreciate all the contributions made here. In regard to magazines and their power to influence consumers -the internet has a lot of potential to reach consumers too. Think about how many surfers use the web to check the surf and swell, wind forecasts etc. Last week I was the beach and I heard a bunch of groms swapping urls for swell forecast sites. You want to educate folks, try getting design articles (or links to) onto those sites. There must be some sleepers out there, that would be cheap (or free) to get ad space on (check http://buoyweather.com) maybe cheaper than spreads in glossy mags?

…I was really surprised last week, when I was surfing on the northern edge of the USA, and several pepole said they had seen my boards on the web… Also, I’ve been in contact with people from literally around the world, who are interested in doing a hollow for themselves… That to me shows the far reaching power of the web… There is no way that an advertiser supported surfing magazine would ever give such small niche equipment a forum for mass exposure…Only Surfers Journal still has an open mind when it comes to equipment…As has been said before, it all comes down to who pays for the mag…Adverisers or reader support… Coincidently, is it any surprise that the publisher of Surfer in those good old '70s was Pezman, who is still at the helm at SJ… Paul http://hollowsurfboards.com

Coincidently, is it any surprise that the publisher of Surfer in those good >old '70s was Pezman, who is still at the helm at SJ…>>>Paul No surprise at all. Steve Pezman also had pretty good taste in editors, although that job by it’s very nature really couldn’t rise too far above the times, but rather reflected them- this in the pre-Branding era. He’s also a good writer - his article on Dora near the end of life was the finest piece of actual journalism, made of facts but filled with soul, that surfing has produced perhaps ever. Pezman is currently unsung in the surfing world, especially compared to John Severson, but the guy deserves a seat at any table featuring the most influential surfers of the last 100 years. And that isn’t as big a table as many might imagine.

I believe that the problems that face our industry are the same as the problems the world’s economy faces. Rather than investing in long term development and/or quality, people all too often want instant gratification cheap. There are too few people willing to put in the years of dilegence to realize real progression. It takes a willingness to work through a myriad of failures to get real progress. There is something fundamentally wrong with surfers who are more interested in how much and how often are you going to pay me to tell the world you have a good product. The clothing industry has ruined the talent pool with the sponsorships they give to “kids with potential” and not investing in the progression of the the sports hardware. But, we as an industry do survive. What’s really sad are the kids that aspire to great talent and just end up a flash in the pan because they get caught up in all the hype.

Paul- I always love browsing through your website, and have followed with interest your development of hollow wood surfboards reinforced with carbon fiber/epoxy. An obvious question presents itself: do your future plans include the construction of a hollow board based entirely on carbon fiber, using your present wood structural system?

While The Surfer’s Journal is now “THE Bible of Surfing” is anyone else out there concerned about the logos that do appear in the stories? The ratio of logos to advertisers is high. Quiksilver is everywhere. Hurley (Nike) is showing up more in pics. Aren’t the ads enough? I feel a backlash coming on. How is that “Surfboard Magazine” zine shaping up? The Journal needs some compeititon to keep it honest. Rob Olliges

I would like to add to this. I first stated coming to this site to get help to learn about building boards. I have yet to build a board but still read this site everyday. The amazing thing is that, I, as what I would call a “civilian” can come in here and be supplied a wealth of knowledge by people who’s craft I admire. I get to listen to the proffesionals and backbone of the indusry who are leading the forefront of design and innovation. It is sad that the magazines don’t concentrate more on our equipment which is the lifeblood of our sport. But hey, at least I know I can come here and get real information. A big thank you to swaylocks, and all the genuine artists and craftsman on this site who have taught me so much not just about building boards, but buying quality boards from quality craftsman.

Its great to have you around Greg…I have learned that epoxy has come a long way.I knew you waaaay back when you used to deliver blanks to my factory in Jax Beach FLa.(Hixon’s).I did some pin work at Natural Art while you were around.Anyway keep em coming, and I had fun arguing about the acetone issue with ya. R. Brucker

When Surfer Mag had Paul Gross as its editor, there was a wealth of technicial info in each issue. The mag was, in a way, addressing a more intelligent readership. That concept was quickly squashed in favor of the almighty $$$. Surfing mags have a moral responsibility to the readership, and they are failing.

SURFBOARD MAGAZINE be honest now- how many of you out there WOULD like to see this happen?

I would just as soon see the effort, articles, and pictures on Swaylocks. Keep it real, keep it here, keep it honest. Besides, who likes waiting a month or two between fixes???

as long as they dont overdo using their advertisers team riders in photo sections its ok. im sure costs have risen and its the price they have to pay for not having 10 ads every 5 pages. the surfers journal is the last bastion of the soul of surfing as far as magazines go. the surf industry has a major responsibility to keep the mag nuetral and not be too greedy as far as their own interests go. although now nike owns hurley i wouldnt be surprised if nike execs start putting pressure on the journal to get more space using hurleys riders in photo spreads. nike is not a surfing company, while the industry booms they want in so they can make money from it. just as the skate industry died for years, so too will the surfing bubble eventually burst. non surfing companies trying to make money while they can have the potential to ruin a magazine like the surfers journal. it only takes one company getting more space for their riders, then the others will start wanting the same. lets hope sanity can prevail with the advertisers, afterall its only pocket change to them anyway.

Gross was Surfers associate editor. He wasnt for long. His technical info came from George Greenough. They needed someone to get the Greenough stuff. Couldnt print enough of the G-Man. A case of digest and regurgitate. George was stoked. He killed the status quo logs. Surfers intelligent readership was spoon fed. Calculated slices of someones idea of reality. Whats real? So many open minds flying through outer space. Exploring inner space! Eager to absorb all energy of the New Revolution. The spinning kalidescope of energy. A generation of people groovin on unlimited design and color. Keep it short. Drop out, tune in. Experience everything. Get tubed. Georges still in there.

An obvious question presents itself: do your future plans include the construction of a hollow board based entirely on carbon fiber, using your present wood structural system? Dale… An all CF board would be easier than the Wood / CF boards… The stingers and ribs would be virtually the same process…The top and bottoms likewise…The rails would be different though…I’d probably shape some temporary strofoam rails, CF/Epoxy them…then acetone the styro out…You know a lost wax process…Then a unifying layer of CF and that’s it…Keep that baby unvented anytime it’s not wet, or else… OK…Now if someone wants one I’ll do it just for the cost of materials…seriously… Paul http://hollowsurfboards.com

Always a pleasure to read your posts. Greg - my epoxy resin arrived today. Thanks! Paul - I read that Carl Pope is doing his hollow carbon fiber bisects with an external mold and internal inflatable balloon that is removed after the epoxy cures… kind of like an inside out reverse vacuum mold(!?) Check their website… http://www.bisect.com/stealth/index.html