That’s what I love about Swaylocks. Start up a thread about Joel Tudor’s boards and his shaper jumps right in. Beautiful. Btw, nice work, Stu.

Just remember that anyone can type any name they want into this message board.

Stayed off Swaylocks for thirty days, got my chip, worked a couple of steps, man do I feel guilty, does anyone know where a SA meeting is today, slipping is a bummer, being self-centered, petty and mean is sooo hard to give-up, missed Herb, G-Love of Burbank, Sling, KP, PG, KS,SK, DF all you dudes, I’d pay $1100.00 if it gave me piece of mind, already overpaid for:SHELTER, LONGER, SEEDLING and all that SexWax, so line-up and pay-up, stop whining, just cut-out those overpriced “wraps” at Pipe’s and go to Denny’s,$2.99 Grand Slams, do the math, in no time you’ll have the greenbacks to cover your “Good Karma”, get outa of the garage, turn the computer off, get in the water, God is Good…ALOHA