Swayloholix Oregon..

Copied from “Sacred craft” thread

I’d like to ask any Swayers here in Oregon if they want to do a local get together?

I’ll put it in “Hookups” too, but in light of this thread - I’d be keen to share the stoke.

I’ll offer my Newport location to start with. Got a little temple shed

out back, good for all aspect, although I do my stingers in the

driveway, and hot wire in the garage, but all in all - love to talk

shop with any interested.

115 miles south of you…

Just finishing my first start to finish board, with three more shaped and waiting for glass.

I have a full shop set up though as I build and restore guitars for collectors and other dumb people who believe “pretty” equals tone.

Who do you get blanks from?

Build your own using EPS?

You guys know anyone up in Seaside? Gotta good buddy in there…

PM if you get up that way.

I don’t know any one from The Place That Should Not Be Named.

Besides, I heard the hill slid and filled the entire bay up that way.

I’ve been cutting my own one half at a time out of 2# eps, and gluing 'em up to a the stringer I’ve pre shaped.

Let me know if you ever make it up this way.