Swaylove not Swayhate

I edited this post, I did not like having everyone read me in a disgruntled state over what was simply mis communication with a fellow Swaylocks junky. Can’t stay grumpy for too long when the weather forcast is perpetually 80-85 degrees with patchy clouds and ocational windward showers. Mahalo to everyone for helping me with my projects

Much Aloha to all


Hey Skeletor - I think most of us got the fact that you said it as a joke… don’t stress out… everybody needs to lighten up around here!

skeley just pretend to be your wife or kid and post all you want the liberal undercurrents here are more benevolent than you might guess,was the respondant kidding and they ‘got you’… senses of humor…ambrose…

Gosh, I thought everybody was just kidding! Silly me.

Ahh, the stars are in weird (wired?) alignment lately. That accounts for it. Or, maybe not.

Seems to be a bunch of big egos and thin skins, lately. It’s surf’n. Board mak’n. Take a deep breath. Have fun. Check the egos at the door. Mike

Went for a nice little body surf today at sandys after work and school, got some small kine tubes, and all is forgotten. Amzing what a difference a few shots from the greenroom does to a mans frustration.

      Aloha!!! Today was the blessing of 18 years on this sacred island. Was trying to go shape in Hanalei town. Checked surf at the premier surfspot, but was a little undergunned with my 5-10  i`a. Did not go out, but I didn't mind. Had a nice picnic on the beach with my all-time favorite girl, then socialized with nearly everyone, all who are my friends. Hooted from the pier as my girl rode a 12-0 Basa supertanker with style and grace. Went to shape, and created a beautiful 7-0 for my good friend, and put the fine tune on an excellent 9-6 Bay gun for another good friend who is a long time big wave rider. I never would have guessed that such richness could occur to me. To be blessed to be a guest of this beautiful place, to make surfboards for such beautiful waves, to get to surf these waves. Every day I give thanks and praise for such an opportunity. Na mahalo!          Aloha...RH

Niiiiice! sometimes makin’ em is as good as ridin’ em! It is all about the people and the lifestyles that we’ve made for ourselves.

Rick, you got to get Topp on this site. The guy is an idea-a-minute!!! both of you guys are always coming up with stuff…

right on rick, I can’t wait to get back to Kauai. I am comming out next friday and am going to hike out to the Napali for four or five days with a beat up old surfboard and then leave it with some hippies living out there for their entertainment. Last time i did the coast with my buddy from Kelia and brought swim fins and a handboard but was kicking myself when i arrived to find perfect Hossegor style shorebreak funneling through which was still perfect for bodysurfing at least. Probubly going to get skunked now that i am bringing a board in, but hey I never use it and i know someone will apreciate the aloha of getting a community board to use.

Is there anywhere near Hanalei where i can just pitch a tent for a day or two so i can walk to the bay? I want to stay a few days after doing the coast but cannot afford a hotel right now and it would be a bummer to miss out one of my all time favorite waves in the islands

Today my biorhythms are at an all time low. My 9 year old golden retriever died this morning and it has been flat here for a month. I have lurked around swaylocks for a long time and never (with the exception of Greg and Cleanlines) had the opportunity to meet anyone else in person. I was here when a poster named Ramon died and it bummed me out like he lived next door, I remember worrying about Herb when he was going though hard times with his marriage. I still miss noodle posting numbers for outlines in 6 inch increments. I got so excited with Bert and vacuum bagging,that I’ll have to give it a try. The point is there is no hate on swaylocks, if you hang around long enough you already know that.

Hey Tuna - sorry to hear about your dog, and the flat spell. I remember most of that stuff too (I think you were here a while before I checked in). You’re right about Swaylocks though, there’s a lot of aloha around here.

take care, things are bound to get better soon.


Sorry to hear about your Dog Tuna.9 years is a good long life for a Golden and I know you and Toni gave him a good one. Get them pinlines right. RB

The following is not a problem per-se, but more a quandry of time allocation I suppose.

Since I startted shaping, I must say that I am now tempted to shape more and surf less. I know this sounds crazy, but on those questionable days when the weather is beautiful, but the swell is marginal, it’s almost a toss-up between shaping or surfing, and more and more shaping seems to win…

Anyone else ever go through this?

PS…my time in Hanalei was pure magic. I was not there for very long, but I feel that my soul is still chilling out on the fishing pier.

PPS…Very sorry about your GR. Nothing is worse than losing your beloved cannine. Perhaps a board shaped in memoriam to your lost pet wold be a great wat to honor your fallen compadre.


I know what you mean man. Shaping is another excuse for a social hermit like myself to stay locked up at the house all day. It is a justification for me,

“yeah i didn’t leave the house today, but i finished some fiberglass work i had to do!”