i am still a little unsure about nose and tail laps when doing a tinted lam. i don’t want spaces to show where i cut in slits. meaning…tinted foam next to tinted cloth???

I too was concerned about this. But after doing a semi transparent green/grey tint this wekend, I can relate my experirnce as such. What seems to be paramount is the fact that you get a smooth even layer over the entire glass job, especially in the critical areas, nose and tail. An even layer will more or less provide he same color on the cloth as it will any foam that the glass could not find its way to. In other words the color should ne more or less the same tone and density even on the small spaces of foam where the glass missed. Naturally, the more precise your cuts in the fiberglass in these areas are, the less you’ll have to worry about it. Also remember that you are doing three layers on the rails, so after the bottom is glassed you have the next two layers of glass to help even out the color. But be careful, because a transparent tint is VERY hard to spread evenly, especially in the nose and tail areas. My job was decent, but still had a lot of uneveness in the tone of the color. But I suck so, perhaps you’ll have better luck than I

did you add any white to make it semi-opaque?

Added a bit of white and a bit of black. The end color was sort of a greenish/grey olive color. As far as final transparency. I’d say it was about 35% translucent.